Chernobyl cleaners who committed suicide after watching a hit show were denied compensation

 Chernobyl cleaners who committed suicide after watching a hit show were denied compensation

Chernobyl TV series, according to the Daily Mail

Zhu Subov, a veteran cleaner after the Chernobyl nuclear accident, crashed from the roof of a five-story building in Aktobi, Kazakhstan, in June, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday. His 25-year-old daughter said that her father finished watching Chernobyl crying before he committed suicide, which evoked painful memories of the disaster. Before committing suicide, Zhu Subovs application for an apartment as compensation was rejected.

Claims for compensation for former hero cleaners were rejected

Reported that the local government provided apartments to other veterans in the 1986 nuclear accident as compensation, but Zhu Subovs request has been rejected by the government for many years, and seven of his family were forced to move into a dirty and crowded dormitory. One of his friends said frankly, Zhu Subov lives in distress and has no house of his own.

Bajjan Satov, chairman of the Chernobyl Cleaner Organization, confirmed that Zhu Subov had served as the Cleaner of Chernobyl Reactor 4 and later worked at the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site. The governments of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have provided housing and raised pensions for many veterans who worked in Chernobyl like Zhusupov, but the Zhusupov family is housed in very small dormitories.

Zhu Subov has been trying to apply for an apartment from the government for many years, which he believes is the reward he deserves after the disaster. After ten years of waiting, however, he found his name deleted. Zhu Subov had always believed that he could own an apartment, but the last time I saw him, he was very frustrated because he failed to apply for it, Satov said. I believe he chose to end his life because he was extremely disappointed.

Zhu Subov, who committed suicide after reading Chernobyl, according to the Daily Mail

Watching Chernobyl in tears

According to reports, as one of the first clean-up workers, after the Chernobyl accident, Zhusupovs health deteriorated. He often suffers from severe headache and sudden syncope, and spends more and more time in hospital. His pension and disability allowance is only 35 pounds a week.

The whole family watched Chernobyl, said daughter Gohal. Dad looked at it and remembered the painful experience of the disaster. He finished watching Chernobyl in tears.

Dad has some support from the government, but its not the way he wants it. He hoped to get an apartment from the government like other Chernobyl cleaners who sacrificed their health. But in the end, the bamboo basket is empty. Gohal said.

She added, Despite the physical and mental pain, Dad always tries to help others and stay energetic with his grandchildren. We cant believe it happened to us. Dad will never come back.

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