India cancelled launch of Lunar Ship 2 or due to fuel leakage from rocket engines

 India cancelled launch of Lunar Ship 2 or due to fuel leakage from rocket engines

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India cancelled the launch of Lunar Ship 2 (Source:)

BEIJING, July 16, Xinhua (CNN) -- According to the Russian Satellite Network quoted the Indian Times report, several senior representatives of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) believe that India cancelled the launch mission of Yuehuai 2 or because of the fuel leakage of rocket engines.

It is reported that since the Indian Space Research Organization announced several weeks ago that it would launch the Lunar Ship 2 on July 15, India has been so concerned that Indian President Cowend has arrived at the launch site.

But 56 minutes before the mission began, the organizers suddenly announced that they would cancel the launch because they had found a technical fault on the launch vehicle.

Reported that the fault was found when fuel was injected into the GSLVMkIII launch vehicle. A source said: We found that the pressure began to drop after helium injection, indicating that there was a leak in the engine. At the same time, he did not rule out the possibility of multiple leaks.

Another representative said: We are lucky that the launch has not entered the automatic phase, otherwise everything will be finished.

Earlier, a source from the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) said that experts were currently examining equipment that had malfunctioned on the GSLVMkIII launch vehicle. The full analysis will take at least a few days and a new launch date is expected to be announced later.

It is reported that Indias Yuehuai 2 was originally scheduled to launch in April 2018, but it has been delayed several times since then. So far, the official has not announced the reasons for the delay.

The Lunar Ship 2 project is the continuation of Indias first lunar probe, Lunar Ship 1. Indias mission to the Lunar Ship 2 is to continue to study the mineral and elemental composition of the lunar surface.

Source: Qiao Junjie_NBJ11279, Responsible Editor of CNN