Xiaopeng automobile reputation collapse: apologize for compensation, the owner still insists on returning the car and refunding the money

 Xiaopeng automobile reputation collapse: apologize for compensation, the owner still insists on returning the car and refunding the money

Beijing News (Reporter Wei Shuai) At present, due to the new version of Xiaopeng G3 car price more concessional, longer mileage, resulting in old customers dissatisfied with the rights protection incidents are fermenting. Although he Xiaopeng, chairman of Xiaopeng Automobile, apologized through Weibo and promised to compensate the owners of the old G3, he did not calm their grievances.

In the view of the old customers of Xiaopeng Automobile, Xiaopeng Automobile cheats the customers when selling new cars; on the other hand, the solution is perfunctory and does not really care for the customers, and the events are getting worse and worse, resulting in the collapse of Xiaopeng Automobiles reputation.

Xiaopeng automobiles new model is controversial

On July 10, 2020 Xiaopeng G3 models went on the market, and some owners of Xiaopeng G3 old models expressed dissatisfaction because the price was more favorable than the old model and the new model lasted longer. On July 12, the chairman of Xiaopeng Automobile, He Xiaopeng, apologized to all the old G3 owners through his personal micro-blog response, and compensated the old G3 owners for the additional exclusive subsidy of 10,000 yuan for purchasing any of Xiaopengs models within three years.

But this did not calm the ownersgrievances. On July 13, outside the Xiaopeng Automobile City Service Center in Guangzhou, Beijing and other places, a large number of car owners went to defend their rights and asked for refunds.

As for the reasons for the fermentation of the incident, an old owner of Xiaopeng G3 said that he had been waiting for more than half a year from the beginning of the year to pick-up truck. As a result, a new model had come out in less than a month. We are allashesfans of Xiaopeng automobile. Now it has been ruthlessly abandoned, and the official response has not given us a reasonable explanation. How can we be satisfied that the solution has not solved the problem at all?

At the same time, the old car owner said that the new users who are going to buy 2020 Xiaopeng G3 also need to think carefully, Our old users today may be your tomorrow.

So why are the old owners so angry about why Xiaopengs apology that they dont accept the solution?

According to the Beijing News, 2020 Xiaopeng G3 new cars were officially launched on July 10. The subsidized new cars sold for 143,800-1968,000 yuan, with a combined range of up to 520 km. Compared with the 2019 models that had been on the market for less than a year before, the comprehensive range of the vehicle is only 365 km, with a difference of more than 40%. In terms of price, the subsidized price of the 2019 models ranges from 158,800 to 190,800 yuan. In the case of minimum configuration, the price difference between the two is 12,000 yuan. Less than a year, such a large price difference has caused dissatisfaction among the 2019 G3 owners.

In the view of old customers, Xiaopeng automobile on the one hand cheats customers when selling new cars, on the other hand, the solution is perfunctory and does not really care for customers.

Solution Old Car Owners Dont Buy

Although he Xiaopeng explained the misunderstanding of price in his open letter, saying that the actual payment price of the car owners with the same configuration is not the same, through the doubling of the deposit in advance and the subsequent cash and overcharge concessions introduced by the government, the actual payment price of the 2019 G3 still has more than 20,000 yuan discount compared with the 2020 G3. u3002

At the same time, He Xiaopeng announced that the owners of the 2019 G3 will enjoy an additional 10,000 yuan of exclusive subsidy rights on the basis of all promotional policy rights and interests in the current period of purchasing a new car when they purchase any new model of Xiaopeng within three years from now on. As an apology and compensation for the dispute.

But for the old car owners, especially those who have just lifted or ordered cars, such a scheme is not satisfactory.

A user who just picked up a car told the media in an interview: On July 9, a new model was ordered on July 10, which cost 2,000 yuan, 170 kilometers longer, upgraded brakes, boost and so on. Who feels good? Clearly deceived. He also said that upgrading is normal, but it is wrong to conceal upgrading and sell old money to customers.

Some users also said that Xiaopeng sales claimed that they would subsidize the decline and increase the price, urging users to order to buy old models, but never mentioned the new model. As a result, the new model was launched shortly after picking up the car. From the users point of view, this operation has caused a great deal of deception to consumers. Before the car is mentioned, its old fashioned. A prospective owner of Xiaopeng G3 teased himself so much.

In addition, a car owner from Shenzhen said in an interview with the media, Deposit was set on June 25, and now the car has not been mentioned. Sales said that the deposit can not be converted into a new model deposit, and the deposit can only be converted into 10,000 yuan boutique coupons in Xiaopeng Automobile App Mall to purchase car models, Auto parts and so on. There are not a few consumers who havent picked up a car or cant replace a new model like this.

And the owner does not buy the right of He Xiaopeng to subsidize 10,000 yuan for purchasing models. Cars will be replaced, new cars become old models, deceive consumers, but also want us to buy Xiaopengs car? A car owner spoke frankly.

Some experts in the industry said that the rapid change of products is justifiable. If the deliberate concealment of the new car listing really pokes the pain point of the owner, this behavior will inevitably be suspected of inventory clearance. Generally speaking, combined with the actual situation of many car owners, Xiaopeng car in this matter does have some inadequacies.

The embarrassing period of the new car-making forces is coming?

As a member of the new car-making forces, Xiaopeng Automobile has always been in the air of public opinion. From the outside, Xiaopeng Automobile has been developing smoothly in the past five years. It is also the early delivery group among the new automobile manufacturers. According to the official sales data of Xiaopeng Automobile in May this year, the company sold 2704 new cars in May, an increase of 22.9% annually. According to incomplete statistics from Beijing News, Xiaopeng has delivered 10,000 vehicles since June last year.

In terms of financing, Xiaopeng has raised 14 billion yuan so far, including Ali and Foxconn. And Xiaopeng automobile executives have also said that by the end of 2019, they will get a total of 30 billion yuan in financing. On March 27 this year, He Xiaopeng revealed that Xiaopeng Automobile is seeking at least $500 million in financing and may try to list in the U.S. IPO.

Although there are still capital support for the new auto-making forces, including Xiaopeng Automobile, in the heavy asset industry of automobiles, both product research and development, production and manufacturing, and channel construction consume huge amounts of money. This problem can be seen from the earnings reports of listed companies. According to the first quarter of 2019 earnings report of Weilai Automobile, a new automobile star company, Weilai Automobile has a net loss of more than 2.6 billion yuan in the first quarter and a cumulative loss of more than 20 billion yuan in 2016-2018.

After delivery, maybe the current and upcoming problems of capital are second, but how to carry out customer maintenance in the later stage is the key problem faced by Xiaopeng and other enterprises.

Whether he Xiaopeng himself or a large number of old car owners, Xiaopeng car users will be called Pengyou, which fully reflects the owners feelings when buying vehicles. But now, the earliest group of supporters went to Xiaopeng cars all over the country with slogans of return and who buys who regrets, which caused their reputation to collapse.

The industry believes that in the past, people used to define the delivery of the first mass-produced vehicle as the first threshold for the new force of car-making. But now, after delivering, Xiaopeng shows another bottleneck: customer maintenance. Previously, Weilai Automobile recalled the first car maker because of battery problems, consuming a wave of user patience. Now Xiaopeng Automobile put customer relationship on the table again.

In fact, whether it is a new force or a traditional enterprise, customer maintenance is an irrevocable topic for its long-term development. However, as a new force, the new car circle has just experienced and felt the importance of this issue. A person in the industry told the Beijing News that the enterprises of the new forces of automobile manufacturing are attractive. In addition, many of the new forces hold high their feelings and talk for consumers in propaganda, which makes the expectations of the outside world for the new forces of automobile manufacturing higher. But many bad facts make the consumerspsychology drop greatly, and even disappoint the new automobile manufacturers.

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Source: Qiao Junyi_NBJ11279, responsible editor of Beijing News