Ma Yun: Teachersvision is that students vision is that educational resources should sink.

 Ma Yun: Teachersvision is that students vision is that educational resources should sink.

Comprehensive report by Pengchao journalist Chen Yuxi

The educational level of a country depends not only on the developed areas, but also on the backward areas. The progress of a society depends not only on the number of elites, but also on the quality of the underclass. Educational resources must be forward-leaning and sinking. We hope that excellent resources can be put more in kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools.

On July 15, Ma Yun, chairman of Alibaba Board of Directors and founder of Ma Yun Public Welfare Foundation, returned to Hangzhou Normal University, his alma mater, to attend the opening ceremony of Ma Yun Rural Talents Program in 2019 and make a speech to share his thoughts on education and teachers.

Ma Yuns microblog name is spokesperson for rural teachers. Last October, Ma Yun announced that he would step down as chairman of Alibabas board of directors on September 10, 2019, and made it clear that the focus of his future career is to return to his old profession, teachers.

The opening ceremony of the day announced that the 2017 Ma Yun Village Teachers and Rural Principals had officially graduated, and the first Ma Yun Village TeachersStudents Award was held at the same time. According to Ma Yun Rural TeachersPlan, for each award-winning teacher, Ma Yun Public Welfare and Foundation will provide funding and development support for three years. Every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., it is a fixed charging time for all Ma Yun village teachers. Every day, there is an educational expert who is on line on time, bringing online sharing for teachers. During the summer and winter vacations, teachers will be invited to study together or to concentrate on their studies. Over the past three years, 20 principals have visited Chengdu and Hangzhou, and have traveled to the United States twice.

Graduation does not mean the end, learning has no end, today should be the beginning of a good teacher. At the ceremony, Ma Yun shook hands with all the teachers one by one, and at one time sent dozens of bear hugs in succession, and paid tribute to the rural educators with many thanks.

I am especially grateful to the rural teachers who are sticking to all the rural and remote areas of the country today. Your efforts and efforts are changing the country. I thank you for your perseverance. We are honored to be able to participate with you in the reform and development of Chinas future education. Ma Yun said in his speech.

Following are the main points of Ma Yuns speech at the launching ceremony of Ma Yun Rural Talents Program in 2019 (synthesized from China Education Daily, [email protected] Yun Public Welfare Foundation)

Teachers vision is students vision

If we give our children the best education, we must first give our teachers the best education. Ma Yun said, Teacherseyes are students eyes, teachersminds are students minds, teachersemotions are childrens emotions.

Ma Yun believes that behind education is the responsibility of schools, teachers, parents and society. If we want to teach children responsibility and responsibility, then education must first have responsibility and responsibility. Education needs courage, responsibility and judgment. We need to know what is really good for children and responsible for their lives.

Punishment is the brake of Education

It is often said that there are many unqualified teachers, but in fact more unqualified parents. There are no unqualified students, only unqualified teachers; there are no unqualified children, only unqualified parents. Ma Yun said.

For teachers to punish students, Ma Yuns point of view is that education has a throttle, something with a throttle must have a brake, punishment is the brake of education. It is not the teacher who should punish the students, but the rules that should punish those students. The students should not bow to the teachers, but bow to the rules and to the really good quality with values. The biggest challenge of education is not knowledge, but how to deal with the uncertainty of the future.

Quality Education Is Not Low Quality Education

Ma Yun said that quality education is the direction we pursue, but quality education is not low-quality education, quality education does not mean that we can relax the standards of education, quality education does not mean that education does not need to be strict. The change of science and technology and the development of technology must change education. The burden of teachers is very heavy. The responsibility of teachers is to let every child discover the world and to be the best of himself. I think that to let every child not only learn knowledge, but also learn to cooperate, teamwork and play a role, which is the most important thing for us to think about in our talent plan, as well as for all the teachers present.

The competition between countries in the future is the competition of Education

Ma Yun said that in the future, the competition between countries will be the competition of education. Our countrys economic achievements and social development today can not be separated from the past thirty or forty years. We attach great importance to education and put it into education.

Only if rural education is good will Chinas future be hopeful.

In his speech, Ma Yun also paid tribute to rural teachers and principals who persevered in remote areas of the country.

We firmly believe that only rural areas are good, China will be good, only rural education is good, Chinas future will be hopeful. Ma Yun said, Rural education must have a better future because of you, because many children in the countryside are raised, more wild and more primitive. Many people say that rural education is not as good as urban education. But I believe that in the countryside, the opportunity of education may be better than that in the city, and the opportunity of education reform may be better than that in the city.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Qiao Junyi_NBJ11279