New Task for Indian Teachers: Collect StudentsFeces with Health Personnel

 New Task for Indian Teachers: Collect StudentsFeces with Health Personnel

Teachers were asked to pick up shit? To carry out a public health plan, the Education Department of Rajasthan, India, recently issued an extremely hard core directive to schools, requiring teachers to go to designated studentshomes in person, cooperate with health workers to collect students excrement, triggering protests from teachersassociations. In the eyes of many educators, it really hurts teachers.

According to the Hindustan Times, the directive issued by the higher education department in Rajasthan aims to cooperate with the Campus Deworming Program launched by the non-profit organization World Deworming Organization. An important part of the project is to collect stool samples of students in order to prescribe the right medicine for the right situation. It is understood that the Rajasthan government has previously carried out parasite removal work on students, but the effect is not ideal, many students still have residual parasites.

In order to collect data smoothly, the local education department issued relevant instructions to the schools on November 11. According to actual needs, public welfare organizations need to submit 50 samples of student feces to public schools in Rajasthan. Teachers in schools need to accompany health workers to collect data from various schools. However, the instructions in the process of transmission have deviated, so that some media mistakenly believe that this is to let teachers to pick up excrement in person, causing a great disturbance in the local area.

According to the report, Nagar, a local teacher, angrily expressed that the teachers job was to preach and teach on campus, and that the work of collecting excrement was simply degrading. He added that in addition to teaching tasks, local teachers often have to undertake recruitment, admission and other trivial assignments. Now they have to play the role of health workers, which is simply overwhelming. In response, Rajasthan education officials hastily explained that the process of collecting excrement is entirely operated by volunteers from non-profit organizations. Teachers only need to accompany the door and do a good job of parents, so as to avoid misunderstanding.

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