All circles in Hong Kong strongly condemn violence and harbour disorder and support the police to enforce the law rigorously.

 All circles in Hong Kong strongly condemn violence and harbour disorder and support the police to enforce the law rigorously.

Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, July 15 (Xinhua) -- Some demonstrators illegally assembled in Shatian, Hong Kong, on July 14, violently attacking the police, resulting in multiple police injuries. Public opinion and all walks of life in Hong Kong strongly condemned the violent and disorderly acts in Hong Kong, supported the police to strictly enforce the law, and supported the SAR Government to administer its policies in accordance with the law.

The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Lin Zheng Yue-e, visited the injured police officers in the hospital on May 15 and strongly condemned the illegal and violent acts of some demonstrators attacking the police in Shatian, Hong Kong. Lin told the media that these people with ulterior motives wantonly attacked law enforcers, directly undermining the spirit of the rule of law that has enabled Hong Kong to maintain stability and prosperity for a long time. The SAR Government will continue to support the police force in enforcing the law and conduct a comprehensive investigation and investigation into the violence in the spirit of the rule of law. The Police Department, together with the Department of Justice, is studying the matter and will bring a prosecution as soon as the investigation is completed so that the court can make a fair decision. She said.

Li Jiachao, head of the Security Bureau of the Special Administrative Region Government accompanied by the demonstrators, said that the police had the responsibility to maintain public order and security. Some demonstrators used wooden sticks and other instruments to beat the police crazily on the 14th day, which was organized and planned. Such illegal and violent acts would face the highest penalty of life imprisonment.

The Financial Secretary of the SAR Government, Chen Maobo, said that the right of Hong Kong citizens to express their opinions peacefully was respected, but a small number of people used violent, radical and illegal means to injure citizens and police officers. I believe that we do not want to see or accept them. Violence may hit Hong Kongs international image. I hope you will say no to violence, return to rational dialogue, and work together to repair social rifts and start afresh.

A spokesman for the HKSAR Government said on the evening of 14 that after the peaceful demonstration in Shatin that afternoon, some demonstrators deliberately blocked roads, attacked police by violence and wantonly destroyed social peace. The SAR Government strongly condemns these illegal acts. The spokesman stressed that the rule of law was the cornerstone of Hong Kong and that Hong Kong society would never tolerate such violence.

Lu Weicong, Chief Police Officer of the SAR Government, visited the injured policemen in the early morning of May 15. He said that at least 10 policemen were injured, including those injured by violent demonstrators with hard objects and by high-altitude throwing objects. There were cracks in the face and eyes of the policemen, and one mans right ring finger was bitten by the thugs.

Lu Weicong said that the Hong Kong police aim to protect the lives and property of Hong Kong citizens. Over the past month, the police have been doing their best to safeguard Hong Kongs security and public order. However, after many peaceful demonstrations in recent days, some violent demonstrators have occupied roads, destroyed public property and attacked the police. The violence on the 14th night has reached an appalling level. The police are very indignant about the violence and condemn it in the strongest possible way. They will make every effort to investigate and pursue it to the end. Police have arrested at least 40 people. The arrested persons are suspected of illegal assembly and attacking the police.

A number of newspapers in Hong Kong published commentary articles on the 15th, severely condemning the violence and disorder in Hong Kong, calling on the general public to support the police to strictly enforce the law and to make every effort to safeguard the rule of law and order in Hong Kong.

The editorial of Ta Kung Pao pointed out that the large-scale extreme violence in Shatian on 14th, its highly organized and strategic nature, as well as the tight material delivery chain and operational command system, all indicate that invisible political hands are behind the scenes. The Hong Kong Police Force is a key force in upholding the rule of law. It is for this reason that the mob in Sha Tin is so ferocious that they want to kill the police officers. In fact, over the past month or so, the police force has assumed the most responsibility, suffered the most pressure and faced the most serious challenges. Despite the rampancy and arrogance of the chaotic Hong Kong factions, we should clearly see that upholding the rule of law is still the strongest voice of the Hong Kong people.

According to the editorial of the Hong Kong Wen Hui Pao, the demonstrations and demonstrations in the past two weeks have undoubtedly evolved into premeditated, organized and purposeful extreme violent shocks and are spreading to all districts of Hong Kong. The purpose is to turn the community into a battlefield of violence and to disrupt the normal order of the community so as to bring innocent citizens and people together. Business and industry dragged into the mud of conflict, and then shaken the foundation of the governance of the SAR Government. The editorial calls on the SAR government and the police to firmly enforce the law. It also calls on the forces of social justice to firmly support the police in safeguarding the rule of law and order, and to support the government in administering Hong Kong in accordance with the law and effectively administering Hong Kong.

In an open letter to Hong Kong citizens, the Hong Kong Police Inspectorate Association said that some politicians were escorting the perpetrators and even trying to go out on the street to coerce the government to terminate criminal investigations of violations. The Association of Police Supervisors appeals to the general public to support police officers in carrying out the powers and responsibilities conferred by law and restoring social peace and order.

Lin Zhiwei, chairman of the Hong Kong Police Officers Association, said that the police are now facing opponents who are not ordinary demonstrators, but organized, well-resourced and well-planned. The duty of the police force is to enforce the law and uphold the rule of law in Hong Kong. If the public ignores the efforts of the police force to uphold the rule of law, it will do great harm to the police force.

Thirty-nine members of the Legislative Council of the HKSAR issued a joint statement on the 15th, condemning violence in the strongest terms, calling on all sectors of Hong Kong to identify the social unrest and destruction caused by violent demonstrators and to persist in dealing with social problems in a peaceful and rational manner.

The statement pointed out that the violent assailants were clearly organized and deployed, deliberately inciting intense emotions, insulting and provoking the police, ignoring personal and property safety, leading to the destruction of social order, serious interference in the normal life of citizens and injuries to many police officers. The police force is at the forefront of protecting the rule of law. It is an important defense line to maintain public order and ensure the safety of citizenslives and property. No one should slander the police force and attack its morale, which makes it difficult for the police to carry out their tasks effectively. It is a highly irresponsible act and must be severely condemned.

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong and the Chinese ManufacturersFederation of Hong Kong issued a statement on the 15th, strongly condemning the acts of radical demonstrators who deliberately blocked roads, deliberately attacked police officers and wantonly undermined social order. They also expressed their support for the police to enforce strict law and prosecute those involved, hoping that the society could restore calm as soon as possible.

Cai Guanshen, president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, stressed that the recent demonstrations had resulted in illegal violent shocks after the march, which had seriously exceeded the bottom line of civilized society, the spirit of the rule of law and the free expression of opinions. He called on all sectors of society to adhere to the principle of peace and rationality, to draw a clear line with violent elements, and to safeguard the core values of the rule of law in Hong Kong.

Many non-governmental organizations in Hong Kong went to the police headquarters on the 15th to shout slogans such as Against Violence in support of the polices strict law enforcement, appealing to the public to express their appeals peacefully and demanding severe punishment for those who obstruct the polices law enforcement.

Mr. Li, who lives in Shatian, told reporters that the clash between violent demonstrators and the police on the evening of 14th led to the closure of Shatian Railway Station for a time. He and many residents living nearby had to get off at another station and take a detour home. Their actions have greatly affected the lives of ordinary citizens and threatened their safety. For Hong Kong, retail and service industries will suffer from the long-term turmoil, and the whole of Hong Kong will suffer.

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