Taiwanese man killed his girlfriends mother with a knife when his girlfriend instigated him to commit murder

 Taiwanese man killed his girlfriends mother with a knife when his girlfriend instigated him to commit murder

The man surnamed Han (second right) was arrested by the police at his Nanzi residence after the incident. (Photo Source: Taiwan Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper)

Taiwan. com, China, July 14 - According to Taiwans Lianhe Daily, a man in Kaohsiungs large community was involved in the assassination of his girlfriends mother. It was reported that his girlfriend instigated the murder. A 46-year-old woman surnamed Wang, suspected of preventing her daughter from communicating with a 21-year-old man surnamed Han, was stabbed to death by a Korean man in the morning of yesterday (13).

After the police arrested a man surnamed Han and his girlfriend Zheng Nv yesterday, they questioned him for not committing the crime alone. They immediately inspected the records of the communication software on his mobile phone and found out that two people were afraid of premeditated murder before the incident. Han was suspected of being ordered by Zheng Nv, so he mastered the journey of Zheng Nv and his mother. After missing the night of interrogation last night, Zheng Nuyi was accused of instigating the killing of his immediate relatives, and Han Yi was accused of homicide. She appealed for detention and detention.

The prosecution found that the man surnamed Han and the woman surnamed Zheng were accomplices, suspected of being significant, and threatened to annihilate evidence and escape. The Qiaotou Prefecture Court is scheduled to hold a hearing this morning. Due to the loss of life signs on the spot, Zheng Mu was sent to the doctor for rescue. The wound was only 3 centimeters lacerated in the left mandible. The prosecution is scheduled to re-examine the anatomy tomorrow to clarify the exact cause of death.

It is reported that a 21-year-old man surnamed Han and a 19-year-old Zheng Nv have been in love for many years. They often leave messages on social platforms expressing their love in a generous way. The relationship also says married, but Zheng Nvs mother suspects that she opposes their interaction. Yesterday morning, at 8 oclock, Han took advantage of Zheng Nu and his mother to go to the Jinlong fruit and vegetable market in Dashe to buy fruit knives in advance and ambush them. While the mother and daughter were ready to leave, he rushed out to chase Zheng Mu and stabbed her neck with a knife, splashing blood all over the ground on the spot.

After the assault, the man surnamed Han ran to Zheng Nu and took her away by motorcycle. After the police received the report, they were able to ride a bicycle in disorder and hide back in Nanzi District, where they caught people at 12 noon yesterday. Hans family was surprised that their son had made a big mistake.

The prosecutor suspects that the man surnamed Han prepared the fruit knife in advance and ambushed him. Was it premeditated and knew about the journey of the mother and daughter surnamed Zheng? Unexpectedly, Han revealed that she had been instructed to further investigate mobile phones. Before the case, Han and Zheng suspected of premeditated murder with mobile communication software. Zheng informed her and her mother to go to the market. The prosecution and police then quickly transferred Zheng Nv from her relatives to the co-principal offender in the case.

It is alleged that the prosecutors have withheld relevant evidence and reasonably suspected that Zheng Nv ordered or abetted her boyfriend to commit murder. However, the motive of killing her mother and whether they really want to kill her or just express their dissatisfaction, they also need to consult more links between the two sides and on-site monitor pictures to further clarify.

Source: Author of Taiwan. com of China: Li Ning, responsible editor: Su Honghong_NBJ9980