After three tremors in January, Merkel sat down for the welcome ceremony.

 After three tremors in January, Merkel sat down for the welcome ceremony.

Picture: Merkel and Fraser Rickson

According to Bloomberg News on July 11, Merkel and Danish Prime Minister Fraserikson made unprecedented arrangements at a reception outside the German Chancellors Palace that day. While the military band played the national anthems of the two countries, Merkel and Fraserikson sat on the auditorium.

According to Bloomberg, Merkel, who will turn 65 next week, usually stands up for such an event. Just 24 hours ago, when Merkel met with Finnish Prime Minister Linnaeus, Merkel trembled for the third time in less than a month. Despite growing public pressure to disclose her health, Merkel avoided a journalists question about her 10-day medical examination.

Let me say something about health. You can rest assured that I am well aware of the responsibilities of my office and I will take action on issues related to my health. Merkel spoke at a joint press conference with Fraser Rickson.

Asked about turning 65 next week, Merkel said, You wont be younger, but you may be more experienced. Everything has a positive side. Danish Prime Minister Fraser Rickson said Merkel seemed as strong and capable as ever.

Bloomberg believes that although Merkel may have bought herself some time, she has hardly dispelled these concerns about her health. German media continue to speculate about the possible causes of her tremor, ranging from hypoglycemia to early diabetes and Alzheimers disease.

Of course Merkel knows that the more serious the reason for her tremor, the more pressure she will face to step down. Oscar Niedermal, a political scientist at the University of Free State in Germany, commented after the incident.

On June 18, Merkel also shivered during a welcoming ceremony with visiting Ukrainian President Zelenski. Merkel later said she was short of water. After nine days, Merkel experienced her second tremor. German President Steinmeier stood beside Merkel as she spoke during an event in Berlin on 27, according to Deutsche Presse. Suddenly, Merkel began to tremble. She tried to put her hand on her waist, trying to stabilize but failed. Meanwhile, the staff handed Merkel a glass of water, but she refused. Soon, however, Merkel was in good shape again in the Bundestag. Previously, some media believed that the recent heat wave in Germany, Merkel shivering may be due to heatstroke.