Xian police offer a reward of 100,000 wanted and one fugitive: a former village director

 Xian police offer a reward of 100,000 wanted and one fugitive: a former village director

Xinjing News Today (July 12), the police in Xian City, Shaanxi Province, offered a public reward of 100,000 yuan, and wanted a fugitive who was detained by the police but did not appear in the case. Police officers told Beijing News that the suspect, Zhao Weiping, was suspected of provoking trouble. In addition, the current village director of Sipo Village in Changan District confirmed to the Beijing News that Zhao Weiping was the village director and later contracted out construction projects.

Today (July 12), the Xian police issued a notice on its Wechat public number offering a reward of 100,000 wanted and one Fugitive in prison. Among them, it is pointed out that the suspect Zhao Weiping, male, Han nationality, born on July 25, 1971 in Changan District, Xian City, Shaanxi Province, is a fugitive detained by the Bureau.

In the announcement, the public security organs urge the suspects to surrender voluntarily, strive for lenient treatment, refuse to surrender, abscond or continue to commit illegal and criminal acts. The public security organs will take effective measures to arrest and bring to justice resolutely, and severely punish them according to law.

Subsequently, a reporter from the Beijing News contacted Locke, a police officer in the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Lianhu Branch of Xian Public Security Bureau. He disclosed that Zhao Weiping was involved in the case because of provoking trouble. Another police officer investigating the case revealed that after the incident, the police wanted to take criminal coercive measures against Zhao Weiping, but when he was arrested, Zhao escaped and did not arrive at the case, and then issued a reward notice.

This afternoon, lawyer Deng Xueping, deputy director of Shanghai Firm of Jingheng Law Group, explained to reporters of the Beijing News that the public security organs decided to detain him, but no one came to the case, so they pursued him.

In addition, the Beijing News reporter learned from the current village director office of Sipo Village in Changan District of Xian that Zhao Weiping once served as village director of Sipo Village, then contracted out construction projects, and had economic disputes with others.

At present, the police have not disclosed the details of the case.

Source of this article: Xun Jianguo_NN7379, responsible editor of the New Beijing Newspaper