Some of them are gentle and inexpensive because they have nothing to do, such as the one who delivers meals to girls.

 Some of them are gentle and inexpensive because they have nothing to do, such as the one who delivers meals to girls.

The reason why we can see so thin is that the woman throws away the box lunch, and in front of the man, throws it in front of him. The reason is that she feels humiliated.

The man picked up the lunch box in the public eye, and there was still food left on the ground. Then he went away crying.

Such scenes are still rare. From the surface, we can see a affectionate, infatuated man, a gentle and considerate man.

Unfortunately, this kind of tenderness of firewood, rice, oil and salt could not touch the womans heart. Even if it was his own cooking, she didnt care.

What she cares about is the content of the meal, or what he sends.

If the man presented a diamond ring of several carats in front of everyone, she would not feel ashamed, she would not throw it, even if she did not accept it.

If a man had sent a luxury car with 999 flowers, she would probably not have felt humiliated.

Unfortunately, some people do not need such a mind, but feel shameful and angry.

This is a question of values, but also of dislove. Because women dont love him, what he does is not worth mentioning, it will only make her feel troubled.

But she could change the way, accept the box of meals, politely send him away, eat or eat, or open it. It was all her own business.

She chose this way to respond to him, perhaps feeling that his affection, his tenderness, his pursuit, all let himself down.

Instead of being proud of being pursued and loved by him, she felt disgraced and humiliated.

It can be imagined that the man may be too young, too poor, or have nothing to do.

Such a time, his gentleness, in the eyes of those who only look at reality, is worthless, or even a kind of trouble.

Although not every woman will be like this, but there is a good saying: nothing is worth mentioning the gentleness, nobody cares.

When youre good, even if you just buy a candy for that woman at the stall, she may have to give you some face and accept it happily.

Can like, but not humble, can pursue, but point to the end. Dont do something that touches you, only to be struck by the other person as a joke.

Of course, dont be so hard-hearted that you dont believe in love anymore because you have been hurt by such a person. This may just mean that you met the wrong person.

But youd better not feel fluky, think there are many people in the world are not material, only care about your good or bad to him or her.

In that case, when you give flowers to someone you like, even if they are thrown away, you wont feel embarrassed, hurt or frustrated.

Before you start, love yourself first, or wait for the person who also values you to appear.