Li Ronghao proposed to Yang Pilin: The attitude towards marriage should be like this.

 Li Ronghao proposed to Yang Pilin: The attitude towards marriage should be like this.

For such a state, for this attitude towards marriage, or more optimistic and envious.

It may be the illusion of love, the longing for eternity in marriage. But when it comes to reality, when it comes to the details of life, it is only when it comes to contradictions. If the running-in is not good, it is easy to split up very quickly.

For example, Song Huiqiao and Song Zhongji are excellent examples. At the beginning, we were presented with a beautiful picture of the prince and princess, a romantic, and a very happily matched look.

But its really just the state of love, with a lot of expectations and ignorance, and it hasnt been implemented into life and long-term relationship.

In this way, it is easy to find many problems and various disharmony after entering marriage.

Even after marriage, I found out that what I knew about him or her was not the way I thought about him or her.

At this time, deep disappointment comes. If you dont have patience, you will find that you have chosen the wrong person.

The sweetness and happiness that we have had may be due to the fact that we have not fully shown ourselves to each other, and that many other aspects are hidden and not revealed.

If its just love, then love at first sight can also be, after love found inappropriate, break up is also much simpler.

But its better to be cautious about marriage. After all, its a form of tacit consent for a lifetime.

Not to cope with the urge of the elders, or for the next generation, for parents to hold grandchildren, for their own children.

Or to find a cash machine, a wallet, a security, or a nanny who has children to do housework to take care of the elderly.

At the same time, we do not want marriage to be a form of satisfying impulse and performance. For example, those flash marriages, feel that love at first sight is beautiful, feel that a person can be identified by feeling, it can be a lifetime.

So those who can get married after a long-distance love race make decisions only after they have fully understood each other.

If you have been in love for a long time and are willing to marry, then the feeling must be true. It is the decision that you cant give up each other and your destiny is closely related.

Such a marriage, even if later there are problems, but also scattered, then the feelings of the two people, will still be true.

In short, if you want to envy, you should envy those who have been in love for many years and are willing to marry. Their attitude towards marriage and feelings is relatively more stable and mature.

On the contrary, those who fall in love at first sight and immediately fall in love and marriage examples, or less infatuation. Because in that case, its all luck that lasts for a long time.

Because its easy to find out that apart from the hormonal attraction and a certain point of attraction, they are not at all suitable for each other, nor can they be close to the heart and soul at all.