Lady, as soon as you say that, the goddess turns into a womans nerve in seconds, making people not want to talk to you for a minute.

 Lady, as soon as you say that, the goddess turns into a womans nerve in seconds, making people not want to talk to you for a minute.

Likewise, my independence (I worked steadily, earned more than 10,000 yuan, raised my daughter alone after divorce) made him feel relaxed. He often revealed his appreciation for me, because his ex-wife proposed a divorce because of his investment failure and the decline in living standards.

We spent more than half a year with each other, and we got our marriage certificate. To tell the truth, I wanted to catch happiness, but he wanted to catch me. Now, I think its really a little rush to get my marriage certificate.

Today, two people with distinct personality and strong personality will have some friction with each other, but they are not big problems. At first, he will actively solve problems and lead me to express my real ideas. At that time, I thought he was very wise and I was convinced of him.

But this month or two, I think everything has changed. He stopped taking the initiative and started the cold war and escaped from me. Last night, because of a small matter, he even proposed divorce. I was sad that he did not cherish me, was irresponsible for marriage and tried to communicate, but he refused to communicate. I was disappointed. ! I also thought about ending it simply. My condition is better than that of him, but to tell the truth, I feel I cant put it down and I dont want to give up easily.

At present, we are basically in secret marriage. My daughter and some friends know about us. His mother knows that besides this, we have not fully entered into each others life and are not financially tied together. Please help me to analyze. Should I fight for it?

Love to reply:

Many times when we read a persons story, the feeling is to experience the feelings of the parties.

But when I approached the truth and opened your chat records, my inner thoughts turned around in an instant. Why? Because when you said fart your ass on the first page of the chat record, I suddenly took it for granted.

The feeling Im talking about may be how your husband feels now. Maybe when he looks at you from afar, he thinks you are a goddess, you are great, you are good.

No one can hear someone say fart your ass while expressing himself or herself well and keep a good mood.

So, isnt it normal for him to draw a line with you at this time?

First, if you want to handle this relationship, or even if you want to run another relationship and change a husband the next time, you have to solve one problem: learn to deal with your emotions.

Its not that when someone expresses something to you, they just come up and say fart your ass, so that even if you are a goddess, you will become a female nerve in the eyes of the other party.

But the more important thing is that if youre already married and then decide to leave hastily, its a wrong decision.