After 996, how did they choose to live crazily?

 After 996, how did they choose to live crazily?

Today, in a reinforced concrete forest, elite white-collar workers and young people pursuing dreams of elegance how to spend the day?

Young people in reinforced concrete

Time went back to March this year, Hangzhou, a late-night cyclist was stopped by traffic police, after a quiet and simple talk with his girlfriend, but suddenly, the tight string in his body suddenly broke, leaving an unspeakable pain in the citys silent late night: smashing mobile phones, crying, kneeling, sobbing, sobbing. Turn around and run to a bridge next to you...

In this reinforced concrete forest of the city, he is not the only one who is on the verge of collapse and may not be able to hold back at any time.

Maybe its you, maybe its me, maybe its most of the young people who get used to breaking down quietly and then wear a suit and tie again the next day and gracefully sit in the office.

Pressure and trivial details of life come suddenly, leaving us little time to digest.

Should test for a good university, Should find a good job, Should complete customer requirements, Should be down-to-earth, do not pursue unrealistic dreams, Should marry and have children...

Does a humble adult have to work hard before a child can play?

But under pressure, how can we accomplish what the world has planned for us?

In fact, there are many young people, although under the same pressure, but after work, they do not choose to complain and compare, but use a more positive attitude to develop their own personality life.


Born in 76, he completed an important turning point in his life.

Carl is a native of Inner Mongolia who works in Beijing. Unlike traditional IT men, he is more willing to try new things and explore unknown possibilities because of his art background.

In middle age, such a change in the eyes of outsiders or for himself means that people need to face greater pressure.

Of course, under heavy pressure, Carl did not lose the aesthetic design, rather pursuing the choice of Guangzhou Auto Toyota C-HR car as a new work companion.

With Sexy-diamond as its design language, it combines the compact body and solid surface of the coupe and becomes the best choice for him to travel safely. First used streamer steering lights, LED headlights with the same level of rare automatic far and near light switch so that he can easily enjoy driving fun, the use of sports car dual tail design with visual and aerodynamic performance.

The enterprising attitude of Guangzhou Auto Toyota C-HR echoes his renewed enthusiasm and fighting spirit in this stable age. The two seem to complement each other and complement each other.


Wu Xia-xian was a real hip-hop youth in his student days. He also ran a hip-hop club. Although the East-West hip-hop club was dissolved after graduation, he always kept in touch with his friends at that time.

In his spare time at work, he will also gather the children of several brothers to set up a small hip-hop dance troupe to fulfill their ardent dreams that they did not complete when they were studying.

For Wu Xia-xian, shuttling between cities is not only an adventure, but also a process of releasing pressure.


Trend Youth Without Lack of Money

Born in 1994, he was a fashionable man with excellent family conditions. Although most of the time, he can only work overtime and travel on the road tired, facing the pressure of the task assigned by his superior, but in the gap between life and work, he will still be in leisure, weekend to participate in various bureaus, and harvested a vote of friends in the fashionable social media circle.

In the eyes of most colleagues, Xiaoyu in the daytime is an ordinary white-collar worker in Rip office building.

Like most young people who like cars, Xiaoyu also has a special love for car trends, and because of the excellent family conditions from childhood, she has always insisted on collecting car models, and has grown up to be a car expert.

And Xiaoyu, who has a unique vision, chooses the C-HR of Guangzhou Auto Toyota.

Look at this car, mainly because it is wet enough, the car is full of ingenious rhombic theme elements, and equipped with the body torsion vibration mitigation system BCTD, as high-end administrative car magic carpet ride comfort, in addition to the trend of comfort, but also carried Toyota TSS intelligent travel safety system, so that Xiaoyus travel has a sports car trend. Aesthetic and comfortable driving experience.

Although there are always gaps in life, they can always conquer it. This is the attitude of the fashionable youth represented by Xiaoyu.

Forever young, forever to rush

People need to vent their emotions at work and in life. What many people need is actually a spiritual comfort and impulse to cushion their pressure.

No one is perfect. When we are confused, if we can learn to reconcile with frustration and put our brain in an endless desert, we will have a chance to find our inner peace.

Perhaps life habits occasionally give everyone a bad joke, but rather than complaining and comparing, it is better to adopt a more positive attitude of confrontation and face the difficulties of the future with a smiling face.

And life may not be as difficult as we imagine. Many times when we step on the accelerator, we rush past.

Its like Guangzhou Automobile Toyota C-HR with imported 2.0 LDynamic Force Engine engine and DirectShift-CVT, going all the way to meet the difficulties.

From 4x4 to refitted cars, we all need our own toys at different times, adults are no exception. After working hard and taking care of family, big toys may be the buffer opportunity and reward for ourselves.

In an era when everyone wants to be independent, it has also become a label that makes us unique, and this distinction has also tapped the fun of fashion life in human bones.

Under the pressure of 996, can we really let our work restrict our lives?

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