Gross Interest Rate of 40 High Pre-Increased Companies Raises the Achievements of a Batch of Companies in Stock Exchange and Stock Exchange

 Gross Interest Rate of 40 High Pre-Increased Companies Raises the Achievements of a Batch of Companies in Stock Exchange and Stock Exchange

Data show that the number of companies announcing performance forecasts this week is 20, 49, 64, 97 and 109, showing a gradual upward trend. In addition to the top-notch ST rock has been disclosed, next week there will be Galaxy Electronics, Sifangda, Jiaao Environmental Protection, Jinyun Laser, Jiuhua Tourism and Guizhou. Maotai, Zhonglai, Jinyu Checheng, Haikang Weiwei and Shangwei have published Zhongdao.

According to WIND data, there are 848 companies announcing the mid-term forecast, of which 255 are expected to increase, accounting for 30%, 174 are slightly increased, accounting for nearly 20%, 57 are turning losses, accounting for 7%.

Based on the average of the predicted net profit fluctuation upper and lower limits, the net profit of 14 companies, such as Kaier New Materials, Minhe Stock, Ningbo Fubong, Lianhua Science and Technology, Shentiandi A and Probiotic Stock, is expected to increase by more than 10 times over the same period of last year. In addition, 29 companies increased by more than 300% and 110 companies increased by 1 to 3 times.

In terms of recent stock price performance, companies with major growth and higher gross profit margin have been sought after by the market, and stock prices have come out of good performance. Yesterday, electrical alloy 2 connecting board, Silicon treasure technology and Laughter technology, the former directly opened a word board, the latter greatly high shrinkage seconds board.

Data show that 97 companies issued mid-term forecasts yesterday, 32 of which rose sharply, with an average increase of 2.16% on the same day. Net profits of Luxiao Technologies, Silicon treasure Technologies and Sifangda were 68.24%, 335% and 46.50% respectively.

Among them, Silicon Technology mentioned that the main reason for the companys performance changes is that the price of main raw materials has gradually fallen, and the gross product interest rate has risen. The first quarter report of 2019, published on April 30, 2019, predicts that the deficit will be reversed in the half year of 2019. The forecast content is as follows: as the major asset sales and related transactions implemented by the company in 2018 are basically completed, the transfer income of related assets of aluminium sheet and strip will be confirmed; at the same time, the transaction price of aluminium sheet and strip obtained by the company will be reduced effectively. The companys assets and liabilities ratio has been lowered, and the financial expenses have dropped sharply during the period. Moreover, the companys existing business of aluminium profiles and trade in aluminium products has remained relatively stable. Therefore, it is expected that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies will turn into profit in the first half of 2019, and the profit amount will be about 130 million yuan.

Companies with Gross Interest Rate and Price Rise of Main Products

Jinling Pharmaceutical Co. mentioned that since January 1, 2019, the company has adjusted the presentation of relevant financial instruments. Among them, the company holds 35,296,430 shares of Zijin Bank, the proportion of which is 0.96%. As of June 30, 2019, the closing price of Zijin Bank was 75.54 yuan per share. In the first half of 2019, the parent company recognized the fair value change income of 1553.043 million yuan, which increased the net profit of the parent company by 132.087 million yuan, which was the main reason for the increase of the net profit attributable to the shareholders of Listed Companies in the first half of 2019.

Sunshine Lighting said that the companys earnings from changes in fair value of shares held by Great Wall Securities increased, which is expected to affect the current net profit of 9,797 million yuan attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

In addition, Shanghai Xinyang, Yuexiu Jincong, Fujian Electric Power, Guangdong Hongyuan A, Merchants Port, Yiwei Lithium Energy, Ocean Electric Machinery, Shuobeide, Baoding Science and Technology, Dahua Intelligence, Jinling Mining, Meda Digital, Fulin Transport Industry, Dongcheng Pharmaceutical Industry, Kane Stock, Beijing New Pharmaceutical Industry, Lepu Medical Industry and other companies highlighted investment in the performance forecast. Profit.

Maida figures indicate that production, investment and research are the main path for the companys strategic landing, and the investment function is an important work of the company. According to the new accounting standards, the company includes some investment projects in financial assets measured at fair value and their changes are included in current profits and losses, because some of them are expected to be in the reporting period. A new round of market-oriented equity financing has been completed for sub-investment projects, resulting in a large amount of fair value change income, which will all be included in the companys financial report for the first half of 2019. In view of the above reasons, the net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company increased significantly in the first half of 2019.

Source: Responsible Editor of Securities Times: Yang Bin_NF4368