Trump Flying Online: How did you fly into the White House? I hate it!

 Trump Flying Online: How did you fly into the White House? I hate it!

On July 11, Trump was hosting a social media summit at the White House called the Navy Congress by the Washington Post. (Some of the online cafes invited to attend the conference are controversial navies, who are accustomed to disseminating inflammatory Tete messages.)

According to Reuters videos, Trump was talking about the U.S. Army when an invisible fly flew in and seemed to be staring at Trumps golden bangs for a second!

Big one!

How can this be tolerated? Trump, who drove the flies away, asked, How did this fly fly fly into the White House? He repeated three times: I dont like it! I hate flies! I hate flies! Thats why I continued my speech.

Reuters Video Screenshot

According to CNN, Trump talked about many topics at the 11 th meeting, including the stock market, the census, the army and so on. He also spent a lot of time hinting that Twitter had a plot to keep his fans and compliments at a low level.

When I publish something, a good thing that people will praise, right? Good Twitter. It goes up. It used to rise: 7000, 7008, 7017, 7024, 7032, 7044, right? Now: 7000, 7008, 6998. Then: 7009, 6074. I said, whats the matter? Its never been like this before. Rise, then fall. Then it goes up. Ive never had one. Does anybody know what Im talking about?

I really care a little bit about praise!

But whats interesting is that in the scene where he hit the fly, the netizens of Shentong immediately turned over the past of former President Barack Obamas fight against the fly, and compared it with Trump.

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The leader whose speech was interrupted by other creatures, not only Trump and Barack Obama, was speaking on stage in May this year when Philippine President Dutt quietly climbed on his shoulder, but Dutt did not realize that he was not panicking until a female assistant came on stage to help catch cockroaches. He slapped the cockroach and said, It must be from the Liberal Party (Philippine Opposition)!

Trump, who had been attacked by other species before he became president in 2015, was much larger than flies. He was an eagle who took pictures for Time magazine with him.

Video Screenshot Source: Observer Network Responsible Editor: Zhou Xinyi_NB12002

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