Nineteen-year-old college student Emei Mountain left Jinding Villa in the rain for 5 days

 Nineteen-year-old college student Emei Mountain left Jinding Villa in the rain for 5 days

On the morning of the 12th, the Red Star journalist learned from the Jinding Police Station that Zhang Wenhao did lose his connection after he went out of the hotel and did not inquire about his ticket purchase record downhill. After the incident, police and scenic area staff are actively helping to find, but no effective clues have been found for the time being, and the search is still ongoing.

_Zhang Wenhao

19-year-old son lost contact in Jinding, Emei Mountain

Before the accident, his parents did not know that he had arrived in Sichuan.

The boys father, Zhang Yingxiang, received a telephone call from the police on July 8. His 19-year-old son, Zhang Wenhao, did not return after leaving the hotel at 23:56 p.m. on July 7. The hotel staff found that he could not check out the next day and then called the police. On July 9, Zhang Yingxiang and his wife flew to Sichuan overnight.

Zhang Yingxiang told Red Star News that his son, Zhang Wenhao, a sophomore at Wuhan Vocational College of Engineering, was 19 years old. Zhang Wenhao traveled to Sichuan alone without telling his parents. He told his mother that he wanted to go on a trip and go back to practice. Zhang Yingxiang said that at 19:19 p.m. on July 7, Zhang Wenhao also called his mother to say that he wanted to travel, but did not tell his family that others were already in Sichuan.

According to Zhang Wenhaos appearing route inquired after Zhang Yingxiangs arrival in Sichuan, on July 5, Zhang Wenhao purchased tickets to the scenic spot and went to the mountain at 15:31 p.m. to check in at Jinding Villa. On July 7, at 23:56 p.m., he walked out of the hotel door alone and never came back.

Check Zhang Wenhaos luggage in the room, including a black backpack, a laptop computer (password can not be opened), a wallet with more than 100 yuan, and an ID card mortgaged at the front desk. Zhang Yingxiang was surprised that none of his sons backpacks had changed laundry.

From the video clips provided by Zhang Yingxiang, we can see that on the afternoon of the 5th, when Zhang Wenhao checked in, he wore white clothes, a black duck tongue cap and a black backpack. Before leaving on the evening of the 7th, Zhang Wenhao, dressed neatly and with a coat, returned to his room from outside and soon went out again. He had put on a duck-tongue cap and left the door without carrying any luggage. According to Zhang Yingxiang and hotel staff, it rained heavily in Jinding that night, and the outdoor surveillance video could also see the rain, but Zhang Wenhao did not carry raingear.

_Zhang Wenhao

Zhang Yingxiang confirmed to Zhang Wenhaos classmates that Zhang Wenhao originally traveled with his classmates on an appointment, but he came alone because of temporary changes in the arrangements of his classmates. On the afternoon of the 5th day, Zhang Wenhao sent his classmates pictures taken in Jinding, so the children only came to travel.

Zhang Yingxiang said that because his children were studying in Wuhan and doing business in Jiangxi, Zhang Wenhao would only come to Jiangxi when he had a long vacation, and usually contacted his mother more. Zhang Wenhaos mother pays her children three times a month for living expenses, which means she wants to communicate with them more. Zhang Wenhao wanted to go home to help, but Zhang Wenhao himself planned to intern with relatives in Beijing, and kept telling his mother that he had to travel first. Zhang Yingxiang believes that even if a child has the idea of being a light child, he should know that at his age, he should leave a farewell message to his family.

On the 9th, Zhang Yingxiang dialed his sons mobile phone number and was able to connect, but no one answered. The police positioned him as the base station near Yangliu Village Yangmei Brick Factory in Longchi Town had received a signal. The next morning, he dialed again, indicating that it could not be connected. In the afternoon, he dialed again and was able to connect again, but still unanswered. The signal is still in the same place. ?

Hotel staff:

Reservation for 3 days

On the 12th, the Red Star journalist dialed the phone of Jinding Villa in Emei Mountain. The staff who answered the phone told the Red Star journalist that Zhang Wenhao came to check in at 15:00 p.m. on the 5th day. He had booked three daysaccommodation on the Internet beforehand. He was carrying a black shoulder bag and had nothing in his hand. He looked like a college student and spoke very well. Good form. Because the hotel requires deposit, but Zhang Wenhao said he had no money, so he mortgaged his ID card at the front desk.

At 12 noon on the 8th, the check-out time arrived, but Zhang Wenhao did not appear, and the hotel could not get through by dialing his phone, so the alarm was made and it was found that he was out of touch.

Student and Roommate: Do you really travel?

Zhang Ping is very residential and optimistic.

Zhang Wenhaos classmate and roommate, Xiao A, told Red Star News that before the holidays, they did make an appointment to travel to Mount Emei in Sichuan for a week or so on July 3, but finally because of their different internships, Zhang Wenhao decided to go alone. Zhang Wenhao mentioned that he bought tickets for July 3, but did not say where to go.

Chat Records between Xiao A and Zhang Wenhao

On the evening of June 29, Zhang Wenhao left his dormitory last, because the school asked to empty the dormitory, so he should have luggage before going out. It is also speculated that Zhang Wenhao should go elsewhere first on June 29.

The last contact between Xiao A and Zhang Wenhao was at 20:05 p.m. on July 5. Zhang Wenhao sent Xiao A a picture of the golden top, but did not say anything else.

Xiao A said that Zhang Wenhao usually stays at home, spends more time in his dormitory, gets along well with his roommates and is optimistic. Now, Zhang Wenhaos QQ space is locked, the content can not be seen, and he usually does not send a tweet circle of friends. Emotionally, I have not heard of him falling in love, and there were no other abnormalities beforehand.

Source: Red Star News Author: Yu Zunsu, responsible editor of Gu Aigang: Su Hong-hung_NBJ9980