Today! Kechuang Boards first batch of last-listed buses with 7 new shares waiting for you to fight

 Today! Kechuang Boards first batch of last-listed buses with 7 new shares waiting for you to fight

After the Golden Week, there will be more A-share motherboard new stocks waiting for you next week.

The First Group of New Stock Trains

The following are seven new shares:

1. Fangbang Shares: Stock Code: 688020, Purchase Code: 787020, Market Value of Top-level Purchase Required 55,000 yuan, Top-level Purchase Shares 5500 shares.

2. Hanchuan Intelligence: Stock Code: 688022, Purchase Code: 787022, Market Value of 75,000 yuan for Tingge Purchase and 7500 shares for Tingge Purchase.

4. Tianyi Shangjia: Stock Code: 688033, Purchase Code: 787033, Market Value of 90,000 yuan and 9,000 shares.

7. Jiayuan Science and Technology: Stock Code: 688388, Purchase Code: 787388, Market Value of 160,000 yuan and 16,000 shares.

How to Sell New Shares of Kechuang Stock Market

In the first five trading days after the listing of new shares, there is no limit on the rise and fall, which means that the first day of listing may fluctuate greatly. Unlike the current A-share listing day by day, the new shares may rise in place in a day. How to sell is of great concern to Chinese investors.

Principle: (listing) sell on the same day

Kechuang board has no fluctuations, so it must be sold that day. Winning the lottery is equivalent to buying the first hand on the same day.

Strategy 1: Collective bidding, sell as much as possible

(Excellent) Machinery, if you can maintain the regular availability of goods can ensure the average market income.

As mentioned above, the key is to win the lottery frequently. If only once, where to talk about the average return.

Strategy 2: Observation segment and execution segment.

Probably it means that it will be open for four hours. Select the initial period, such as half an hour, as the observation section.

For example: 9:30-10:00.

Take the highest price in the observation section as the index. As long as the price exceeds the maximum price of the observation section in the subsequent executive paragraph (e.g. 10:00-15:00), it will be sold directly (in fact, it is good to sell the specified price directly by bill). If no price has ever exceeded the maximum price in the observation period, it will be sold directly at the close of the market, regardless of the price.

Strategy 3: Segmented bill of lading by price.