Amazon spent $700 million on training American employees: covering 100,000 people

 Amazon spent $700 million on training American employees: covering 100,000 people

On July 11, Eastern Time, according to CNBC, Amazon plans to retrain a third of Amazon employees in the United States by 2025, covering about 100,000 people, to help them move to higher positions or find new career directions.

CNBC points out that the plan will expand Amazons existing staff training programs and incorporate new ones. In addition, it is voluntary for employees to participate in retraining without paying any fees.

According to Amazons statement, the retraining program will help employees get training opportunities to compete for higher-level jobs within the company, including technical and non-technical positions such as offices, technology centers, distribution centers, retail departments, transportation networks, and even help employees in Asia. Looking for the right career path outside of Maxon.

Amazons retraining program includes:

Amazon Institute of Technology: Provide training for non-technical employees and transition to the position of software engineer.

Associate2Tech: Help the staff of the distribution center to provide technical training and make them competent for technical positions.

University of Machine Learning: Provide opportunities for employees with existing technical backgrounds to learn machine learning.

Amazon Employment Choice Training: Re-training the staff of the distribution center to help them compete for the higher level of their choice of career.

Amazon Apprenticeship Program: This program has been approved by the U.S. Department of Labor, giving employees intensive classroom training, and in-service apprenticeship training opportunities in Amazon.

AWS Training and Certification: Provide AWS cloud knowledge training for employees.

According to CNBC, the project is the largest employee training program announced by Amazon so far, with an estimated cost of $7,000 per employee and a total cost of about $700 million.

CNBC said that Amazon and other large companies have been short of skilled employees in the United States, so in an environment where the unemployment rate is less than 4%, Amazon chose to retrain its own employees to provide a higher level of job training for employees who used to work in warehouses.

Large retail companies like Wal-Mart and Target are also raising salaries and increasing training opportunities to attract higher-quality employees and reduce stress.

In addition, CNBC pointed out that, in view of criticism of Amazon by some ILO and politicians, including presidential candidates, that Amazons working environment was not up to standard, the project, which provided rise space for low-skilled employees, helped to reshape Amazons image.

Beth Galetti, Amazons senior vice president of human resources, said: Although many employees want to continue to grow in Amazon, some employees see Amazon as a springboard to pursue other careers from Amazon. We think its very important for companies to invest in their employees to help them learn new skills and make more career choices. With this in mind, we pledge to support 100,000 Amazon employees in retraining to help them take their career to a new level.

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