After marriage, my husband is so lazy that he wants to divorce and cant give up his children. What should I do?

 After marriage, my husband is so lazy that he wants to divorce and cant give up his children. What should I do?

When she was young, she was ignorant and had few emotional experiences. She had not known her husband for long, and soon she had children and then she got married. After marriage, she slowly found out that her husband was a gnawing old man, irascible, and occasionally quarreled with his parents. The quarrel was fierce and fierce.

In the first two years, my husband was able to do something piecemeal, and then he just couldnt go out in the house. Chen Meiyu and her son live entirely on their parents. During that time, she quarreled with him and had the idea of divorce. Every time it was for the sake of having a son, she was so soft-hearted that she couldnt bear to divorce.

Later, when her son was older, she stabilized at work and gave birth to a second child. She thought her husband would get better, but she didnt expect him to get worse. Husband completely does not fulfill the obligations of husband and wife, regardless of their mothers and mothers, and he does nothing himself. He is lazy and idle all day.

Now, although they live under the same roof, they live separately. In middle age, Chen Meiyu felt that she could not persevere. She said frankly, I really want to get rid of it completely, but after the divorce, I have nothing, the front is slim, what should I do in the end?

Chen Meiyu is facing a typical marriage crisis. Husband is lazy, and there are two children at home. The burden of the family is almost entirely on the shoulders of a weak woman.

In her marriage, she calls every day no and no earth. For this reason, she is very distressed and entangled, she is not without thought of divorce, but for the sake of her son, she is soft again.

1. Predict everything, but not abolish it.

In marriage, middle-aged couples should learn to strangle the marital crisis in its infancy. Once you realize that there are some hidden dangers in your marriage, dont turn a blind eye to them. You should find ways to solve them in time and on your own initiative.

As the saying goes, everything should be done beforehand, and nothing should be done beforehand. Middle-aged couples in marriage must always establish crisis awareness and prevention awareness, you should learn to do a good job in advance of prevention and prevention measures, to avoid any crisis in marriage.

2. Resolve through consultation and do not shirk responsibility from each other.

Once there is a conflict or crisis in marriage, middle-aged couples should first maintain the necessary calm, you should learn to face danger without chaos and change.

Now that there is a crisis in marriage, you should learn to negotiate to solve the crisis together instead of letting the crisis and rift in marriage grow worse and worse.

Some middle-aged couples face various crises in marriage, always shirk their responsibilities to each other instead of dealing with problems in time, which leads to a very small problem getting bigger and bigger, and eventually become irremediable.

In fact, as long as middle-aged couples can make concessions, communicate and resolve in a timely manner, all the contradictions in marriage will be solved, and the crisis in your marriage will also be turned into an opportunity.

Chen Meiyu had a very unhappy life in this marriage, because her husband was lazy and did nothing. She only knows how to idle all day. She is a typical old-age gnawer.

If he doesnt want to go out and make money, he should at least assume the responsibility of raising children. Men are in charge, and women are in charge.

In short, middle-aged couples face various crises and contradictions in marriage, you need to prevent in advance, and think ahead of everything.

If the marriage crisis breaks out, you dont have to panic too much. You might as well sit down and have a good, honest and open chat, and work together to resolve the contradictions and problems in marriage.

When confronted with problems, we should not evade or criticize each other, let alone shirk responsibility, but should face them together and actively find ways to resolve them.

As long as you keep your hearts together and work hand in hand, you will surely have a long and happy marriage.