Children on the brink of life and death

 Children on the brink of life and death

The village of Kunpu in Nepal is located in a remote mountainous area, where children have a lot of difficulties in getting to school.

In case the iron basket is opposite, the children will have to wait for the other person to come.

Often, they have to wait for more than three hours so that they are always late for school, and the children will be criticized, abused and even beaten by the teachers.

Fortunately, today, a villager came to help the children get the iron baskets by pulley device.

Among these students, there is an unwritten rule.

They do not have any protective measures. They are dozens of meters below their feet. They are rivers that have had several accidents.

Pushing iron baskets on cables, just dancing on them, once you are old enough to push iron baskets across the river, you are all adults who can protect others.

Thats true, but we all know how dangerous it is.

The river divides the world into two parts, one side is the childrens home deep in the mountains, the other side is the highway, the residential area, and the school they are going to.

On the freeway, they have to catch a free-rider to go to school on time, although due to the terrain, the accident rate of the nearby vehicles is very high.

Those living near the school take only two minutes to get to the school, while those in Kunpu village, if not unexpectedly, take two hours at the fastest.

They and their parents know that no matter how difficult it is, they have to go to school, because it is the only way they can change their destiny, and it is because of this belief that they can persevere.

In Nicaragua, Central America, there is a small village where there are only two families. Among them, Flores has three sisters. Their way to school is also cruel.

Because the family is so poor, they live in small shacks, breakfast is corn, sugar, mixed with water cooked porridge, and a small piece of bread.

Every morning, the three sisters have to get up at 5 oclock to work, wash clothes, feed pigs and do chores. They cant leave until they have finished all the housework.

Later, they had to cross the shallow shoal with complicated roots, branches and leaves. If the boat capsized here, they could not swim ashore. The three sisters had to be careful.

Because canoes keep leaking, they have to work together.

The three sisters are facing the threat of death at any time. Only when they get closer to the school can their fear turn into the excitement of meeting their classmates soon.

When the boat reached the middle of the lake, it was raining, and the canoe was seeping, which was even worse, but they could only bear it in silence.

It took several people more than an hour to reach the end point. The three sistershair was messy, their clothes were wet, and the three girls were exhausted.

Because there is no clock at home, they always go out when they are ready, so they often arrive late or early.

Today, they were 15 minutes late.

Because deep in the grassland, there are many wild animals nearby. If there is no vigil, cattle, sheep and livestock property of the whole village will suffer.

Most children eat only milk and tea. If they are not full in the morning, they will look for wild fruits to eat on their way to school. If they are thirsty, they will have to go to the designated drinking place to drink water.

Even schools are a kilometer away from drinking water.

Because its too cold for water to flow, families have to bring ice back to their houses in the morning to boil it before they can provide water for the whole family.

They have special equipment when they go out. They have to wear six layers of clothes and two pairs of gloves to make sure they dont get frostbite.

At the moment of going out, the huge temperature difference between indoor and outdoor will make the childrens nasal mucosa and eyelashes freeze quickly.

They also have school buses, but they are prone to accidents.

If the driver has any illness, many students will not be able to go to school. If the bus breaks down and is not repaired in 30 minutes, the temperature inside the bus will be the same as outside.

There used to be a school bus driver who was frozen to death in the wild because he didnt bring enough oil.

For children, they still have to go to school by such means of transportation, even if there are any more dangers and difficulties, but also continue to endure.

For these children, they suffer too much besides learning.

Some people have to spend too much time and energy because they live in remote areas, and because they are poor, they can not escape from such a life.

Because some children live in the coldest, hottest and most desolate places, they have to withstand the severe cold and heat.

When we were sitting in the air-conditioned room, we never thought there was such a group of children in the world.

He rowed for two or three hours until he was exhausted, climbed the cliff where his ancestors broke their arms, and endured what adults could not bear.

(Part of the information and pictures in this article are from the first and second seasons of Climbing Hills and Wading on Water Road