She became an American idol overnight, turning Trump into a suspicious life, girlfriend: Crazy love you!

 She became an American idol overnight, turning Trump into a suspicious life, girlfriend: Crazy love you!

The 34-year-old is the current captain of the womens football team in the United States. Her pink hair makes her stand out on the court. Not long ago, she led the American womens football team to the French World Cup championship, and she also won the Golden Boots and Golden Globe Awards.

However, what made her famous overnight was an increasingly fierce scolding war with US President Trump.

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Capernicks move drew a large number of black players to follow suit, which made Trump furious. As the nations number one Keyboard Man, Trump quickly scolded Capernick and others on Twitter: Isnt it the minimum rule to stand and sing the national anthem? Such a player should be fired directly!! ____________

Sure enough, Capernick never found a job after his contract expired. He sued the NFL for collusion with teams to force him out of the league.

Lapino abided by this rule, but did not compromise with the American Football Association: Let me stand, but I will not sing the national anthem.

So at this World Cup, we saw the scene where Captain Lapino smiled and kept silent while the other teammates were singing the American anthem with their right hands on their chest.

In an interview with Lapino earlier this year, Lapino claimed that he would never go to XXs White House even if he won the World Cup championship. I even wondered if Trump would invite us.

Not only that, Lapino also accused Trapp of sexism, hatred of women, being careful and not being a good person.

I didnt think about inviting Megan and the American Womens Football Team, but now I decide whether to win or not, I will invite them (see how generous I am)! Megan asks you to respect the United States, the White House and the Star-Spangled Banner!

Its funny that Trump wanted to tweet Atapinos personal account, but Ate got it wrong and made another high-profile account go crazy...

A few days after the addiction, Trump was slapped in the face. American womens football team really won the World Cup championship. Lapino, an immortal lady, swept the golden boots and balls and scored the winning goal in the final.

In order to hide the embarrassment, Trapp had to send a message to congratulate the American womens football team on winning the championship. Meanwhile, in French pubs, American fans celebrate and shout Fuck Trump, which is recorded by Fox Sports broadcasting.

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But more embarrassing still lies ahead. In a CNN TV interview, Lapino reiterated his decision not to go to the White House: I will never go, nor will any teammates I have talked with. We will not let what we have been fighting for and sticking to sacrifice in vain. We will not be so easily bought by Trump. There are many more meaningful things we can do than going to the White House.

Lapino, of course, will not forget to humiliate Trump: Your series of remarks is to exclude me, people like me, people of color, and ultimately let themselves betray their relatives. As head of state, you shoulder the responsibility of taking care of every people, you must do better.

Interestingly, in a poll on the 2020 presidential election, Lapino, who was supposed to be a Democratic candidate, had a 1 percentage point approval rating even higher than Trump. Lapinos Wikipedia was once tampered with as the current president of the United States.

Trump, the master of the mouth gun, was really pushed out of the stage.

Trump, who had provoked an outrageous attack, apparently underestimated Lapino. In this womans dictionary, there was never the word compromise. And her positioning for herself is far more than just a player.

Lapino is a staunch advocate of equal pay for men and women in football. In 2016, a group of American women football players led by Lapino sued the Federal Labor Department against the national team because they earned only 40% of the income of male football players.

On this years International Womens Day, 28 American women football players headed by Lapino collectively took the American Football Association to court, accusing it of gender discrimination and demanding the same pay, training and medical conditions as men.

We dont need to talk aboutare we worth itorshould we? anymore. We should take action immediately. This competition has fully illustrated the problem. We have devoted ourselves to the completion of high-quality competitions, but our gains and efforts do not match.

The total bonus of this womens football World Cup is $30 million. By contrast, the total bonus of the 2018 Russian mens football World Cup is $400 million, more than 10 times that of the womens football team.

In fact, Lapino herself is gay. Her girlfriend is WNBA star Bird. Byrd, 38, is the legendary guard of Seattle Storm Team. He won the WNBA championship three times and is also the history assistant king of the WNBA. She met Lapino at the 2016 Olympic Games and had been in love for two years. Last year, Lapino and Bird filmed a group of portraits for ESPNs Human Special, becoming the first gay couple ever to appear in the magazine.

When Lapino and Trump fought hard, Bird supported his lover in his own way. She wrote a long article in PlayersForum entitled The President Hates My Girlfriend.

In the article she described Lapino as such: You never want to shake this girl, she will use her own way and rhythm, do what she wants to do, and will never apologize to anyone. Trump had no influence on her. She knew herself better than anyone else. It was like the ultimate Boss in the game.

On the third day after the American Womens Football Championship, Megan Lapino gave an eight-minute speech on behalf of the team at New York City Hall. I would like to conclude with her last remark:

We must be better ourselves, more love, less hatred, more listening and less talking. Whether you are here today, whether you are willing to come here or not, whether you agree with me or not, it is the responsibility of all of us to strive to make the world a better place.

Captain of American Womens Football Team: Its everyones responsibility to make the world better (Source: Netease Video)

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