Last variety show was going to be jailed for five years. Was she the worst star?

 Last variety show was going to be jailed for five years. Was she the worst star?

The reason is that she preys on a giant shellfish called the Inkstone.

Inkstone is one of Thailands first-class protected animals and one of Thailands Buddhist treasures, which is legally prohibited from capture.

It is also said that the predation of Thailands inkstone is equivalent to the predation of Chinas giant pandas by others.

The severity can be imagined.

After the incident, SBS TV made a public apology for it. But the Thai side said it would not withdraw the lawsuit, even if the actress was not in Thailand, it would try to find her.

But all the netizens who watched the program said that Li Liyin was really unjust. Now, some netizens have launched a petition in Qingwa Station, hoping that the program group can come forward and take responsibility for it.

On that day, Li Liyin was assigned to go to sea to catch food, and then he found the crusty seabed with the subtitle Big clam in the program.

Li Liyin couldnt pull it out and didnt know it, so she surfaced and asked the program group. After getting the answer that it was a clam and telling her to catch it, she felt relieved to dive into the sea again.

Then she tried hard to pull the clam out.

Li Liyin, who entered the water again, found another big one.

She was very excited when she caught the big clam and said she was the happiest person in the world.

As you can see in the program, there is a staff pointing to tell her where there is, she went down to get it.

Later, the staff also ate Thailands national treasures.

But speaking of it, Li Liyin was really guided by the whole program group to do these things, let her take responsibility is too unjust.

The Sao Operations of the program group also changed the recording and fishing sites without authorization, and they promised that they would not shoot or broadcast hunting in Thailand, but they clearly violated the regulations.

And if this is the first time that the group has made such a mistake, it can be said that it was not intentional, but before that, the program has had a few times to eat dirty.

Before that, our country bought the copyright of the program, and also made the Chinese version of the program. When Jin Bingwanlai came, he also grabbed the inkstone for everyone to eat.

After that, the program group also popularized the science of Yandi, but did not say that it was an animal protection.

Later, Jin Bingwan made the inkstone into a piercing body for everyone to eat, and they also ate it in a confused situation.

But later the program responded that they ate ordinary small inkstones, which are common practical shellfish.

And because of this, some netizens found that they had eaten other protected animals before the program.

In this way, the program group is really a recidivist.