Li Ronghao Successfully Proposed to Yang Pilin: Only for your naive people, you must love you very much.

 Li Ronghao Successfully Proposed to Yang Pilin: Only for your naive people, you must love you very much.

In just over twenty words, Li Ronghaos love for his girlfriend is shown vividly and vividly.

I envy you, the world always needs to be reasonable, but I only favor you the most.

But I dont know when he changed.

He began to express himself naturally and disclose his experience to his fans. Only later did he realize that these changes were brought to him by Yang Henglin. Yang Pilin told him that you should be brave enough to share your story with others, which will help you understand your music better. He really did.

Li Ronghao and Yang Pilin fell in love for four years. At first, they were very low-key. Someone always asked if they were still together. How come they seldom show love and seldom share the same frame?

In fact, Li Ronghao was a very shy person at the beginning. He was careful to say love words. Two years ago, when Yang Pilin celebrated her birthday, Li Ronghaos best wishes on Weibo were just Happy Birthday and her name was not even Aite.

Later, he finally bravely called each other, and then directly called each other my girl and my girl, so spoiled to the ultimate nickname, said from Li Ronghaos mouth, always feel more touching.

So you see, there are no boys who cant talk about love, even if they are shy and timid, but if they feel deep, they will still speak out unconsciously.

When I love you is not enough, so I will add a few words in it, I love you very much and I love you forever, for fear that the commitment is not enough to convince the other party.

Who would have thought that a big boy who once treated his feelings so green would give Yang a firm kiss in front of tens of thousands of people at the concert?

True love cant help, even if I seldom say I love you, I just cant help wanting to be close to you, and I cant control my heart beating for you.

When a person is willing to accompany you at every important moment and express all the ritual feelings to you, then he must love you to the bone.

For Yang Pilin, Li Ronghao has given him such worldly happiness.

She said: I will not quarrel with him, no matter what the atmosphere, she will be very humorous to resolve, he is a very careless person, very mature, will tolerate my willfulness, is a real good man.

You love music. Thats great. Ill write songs for you. Ill arrange your music, guitar, bass, harmony and so on.

Thats why so many people say that they envy Yang and have acted in so many idols. Nowadays, some people really want to spoil her.

And Li Ronghao is also very lucky. Yang Pilin gave him courage and made him a more mature adult.

I hope we can all meet such a person, who is willing to declare love to the whole world, willing to give you all the tenderness, willing to move only for you, feel that in this life, only you are the most precious.