A small district in Shenzhen is now falling dog smashing the window owner: the dog jumped by itself.

 A small district in Shenzhen is now falling dog smashing the window owner: the dog jumped by itself.

Recently, high-altitude crashes have attracted the attention of many people in Shenzhen.

Just this afternoon in Shenzhen, another falling event happened, and this time it was a pet dog.

On the afternoon of July 11, a pet dog and a mirror fell from the 6th floor of a residential building in Baolong District, Longgang District, and smashed a car downstairs. The front windshield of the car was damaged. No one was injured in the accident. According to residents nearby, when the incident happened, they heard a quarrel upstairs and suspected that the dog was deliberately thrown down from the upstairs.

The owner said that the dog jumped down by itself.

Nandu reporters learned from the Longgang police that pet dog owners said that the dog fell down accidentally while playing on the balcony and brought a mirror, which has reached a compensation agreement with the owners. In addition, the police received reports from the public that there had been a quarrel between the owner of the dog at the time of the incident and that the dog had been artificially abandoned. In response to this, the police said that further investigation would be conducted.

Pet dog and mirror crash car, dog owner calmly take the dog away

At 2:42 p.m. on July 11, a black Volkswagen car was hit by a pet dog and a framed mirror on the front windshield and the front cover of the car at the entrance between 6 alleys and 8 alleys in Baolong District, Longgang District. The glass of the car was seriously damaged.

According to Mr. Chen, a resident living on the second floor of 8 buildings in the second lane, he happened to be at the window at the time of the accident and heard a loud noise. He found that his clothes hanger on the window was smashed into two sections. Looking down the stairs, he found that the car downstairs was damaged, with broken glass scattered in front of the car. The mirror with frame was about 60 cm long and 30 cm wide. Next to it was a white pet dog lying on the ground, twitching motionlessly.

According to Mr. Chen, after the incident, he looked up and saw six six six-story residents in the opposite lane looking downstairs, still arguing with each other. Shortly afterwards, he saw a woman coming down the opposite stairs, picking up the dog and walking away without looking back.

This process was recorded by the monitoring probe at the roadway entrance.u2014u2014

Video shows that at 1442:20 seconds, two objects fell at a high speed, a man who happened to be at the nature of the intersection was frightened to stop, and a man who was squatting under two boxes and eight buildings was also frightened to stand up.

The moment the dog fell down

About a minute later, the white pet dog came out from the front of the black car. Through the video, it could be seen clearly that the dog limped and staggered toward six doors in one lane.

Video shows a man, Mr. Chen, who is calling the alarm phone from 8 buildings in 2 lanes near the black car. At this time, a woman in a white jacket and red shorts came out of the 6 buildings across the lane. The woman came up and picked up the pet dog. She turned around and entered the 6 buildings in the lane.

The dog got up and was carried away by the woman.

The scene of Heavens Falling Pet Dog is very rare. To this end, the owner of the dog said:

The owner said the dog jumped down by itself.

When Nandu reporters arrived at the scene, the black car was just separated from the scene, leaving only broken glass debris, while the woman with a black mask was talking to people with her pet dog in her arms, and did not intend to be interviewed by the media.

According to Mr. Chens analysis, pet dogs and mirrors should have fallen from six buildings and six floors of a lane, then smashed on the hanger outside his second floor window, and finally hit the vehicle. According to his recollection, he had heard a quarrel upstairs at the time of the accident.

He suspected that the dog should be a person upstairs, that is, a woman who smashed it down, or it would not fall down with the dog and the window.

Nandu reporters observed that womens balconies on the 6th floor were equipped with anti-theft nets, but no anti-theft nets without partitions and other anti-falling facilities. The two buildings involved are about 5 meters apart.

Faced with Mr. Chens query, the pet dog hostess explained that it was her (pet dog) who jumped out of the window. The woman said that there was no quarrel at that time.

Mr. Chen reminded reporters that at first the woman did not wear a mask when she went downstairs to hold her dog, but when the police arrived, the woman did. According to its disclosure, in close observation, the womans eyes were red and swollen, as if she had just cried, and her face was also suspected of being bruised after being beaten.

Subsequently, the womans male companion refused further interviews with reporters, and the two turned and left the scene.

The police intervened in the investigation and the owner of the dog lost 6,000 yuan.

Nandu reporters learned from the Longgang police that after the police asked the owner of the pet dog, the owner of the pet dog said that the pet dog fell inadvertently while playing on the balcony. At the same time, he took a mirror on the balcony and hit a car downstairs.

After the accident, the downstairs vehicle was damaged by insurance company. The owner of the pet dog and the owner voluntarily reached a compensation agreement. The owner of the pet dog compensated the owner for 6000 RMB. The owner expressed his understanding to the other party.

Longgang police said that there was public reaction, suspicion that the pet dog was artificially thrown out of the window, the police station is further investigating.

In fact, there have been several High-altitude Falling cases in Shenzhen in the past month:

On June 13, a five-year-old boy was hit by a falling glass window in Jingji Royal Jinghua City, Futian District, Shenzhen City. On June 16, the boy died with regret.

Since June 13, there have been five high-altitude crashes in less than a month. Including tables, glass slag, etc.

On June 22, near Exit D of Nanshan Metro Station, a barbell piece fell on the sidewalk downstairs of Guangcai New Century Home, causing a head injury to passer-by Li Mou (36 years old female). Li Mou was sent to the doctor for treatment, and his life was not in danger. (High falling again! A woman in Shenzhen passed through the subway entrance and suffered head injuries caused by heavy objects falling from the sky.

On June 24, a screen window fell from a high-rise building of Great Wall Garden in Futian District, Shenzhen, causing cracks in the upper left corner of the front windshield of an Audi downstairs. (Two in a row! In Shenzhen window-falling district, glass slag was dropped again, and the window-falling in the district smashed Audi.

On June 25, the new air-conditioning mainframe crashed from the 11th floor of Wanke Golden Home in Futian District, Shenzhen. It is understood that this year, sweet potatoes, kettles and other items are often dropped from high altitude in this district, but they have not attracted the corresponding attention of the property. (See the falling objects in the sky again! This time it was the main air conditioner! A scary scene happened in a small district of Shenzhen.

On July 6, a 6-year-old girl in Longhua District was hit in the head by a bottle falling upstairs, bleeding incessantly. Afterwards, the girl was sent to the nearby social health service by her parents, but she was sent to Longhua Peoples Hospital for treatment because the wound was too deep to be treated.

How harmful are falling objects?

Why do high-altitude parabola and falling objects occur frequently?

Big Things You Must Emphasize Again

Please check your home regularly!

Check whether the screw and window frame loosen or fall off, whether the outer window glass is deformed, broken or loosened, whether the suspensions such as balcony, roof are loosened, whether the balcony plants, flower pots, etc. are at risk of falling, and the seepage of the outer wall.

It is hoped that such incidents will arouse attention, especially for high-level households, and that innocent passers-by will no longer be accidentally injured.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Southern Metropolitan Daily: Youyuan Garden_NO4712