Only when a partner buys a house or a car and talks in this way can he strive for the best interests for himself.

 Only when a partner buys a house or a car and talks in this way can he strive for the best interests for himself.

Today, when I went to my boyfriends house, I happened to mention that my grandmother wanted a new neighborhood. His father and mother were different from the usual ones. As a younger generation, I had to keep silent. His mother said that on this condition, I could not buy anything else. Otherwise, if you let your parents pay for it, your parents pay 50 weeks and we pay 50 weeks for a good house.

I said that my family would not accompany my house, at most accompany me with a car. My mother said that I forced them to say that their children were one house, and that men and women were equal (two girls were her own). She said that our family did not have this awareness. Now, women accompany me very much and have been aggressive.

I also said that I bought you a new house, and nothing in my family was yours. At that time, my heart was cold. Isnt this a battle party? I havent married your family yet. For the first time, when I said about the house, the two people did this to me.

Finally, let me go home and discuss with my family that only the old house will be changed in a few years. But todays attitude I feel too bad, no money can be, should we talk to me well, I am also a baby at home, to your house, a word can not say silent tears.

When I got home, I wanted to ask my grandmother laterally. After saying two words, I cried bitterly. I dared not say what I had been wronged. What should I do?

After reading your story, I want to give you three suggestions.

First, you shouldnt communicate directly with each others parents on such important issues as buying a house or a car. And you must know that sophisticated human feelings must be communicated in a gentle and euphemistic way.

If you really think buying a new house is important to you, you should talk to your boyfriend. When your boyfriend agrees with your idea, he will communicate with his parents, or he will tell you: with our struggle, buy your own future.

But in any case, its not going to rush up and fight on the front line. This should be indirect communication, not direct communication.

Secondly, you have to express your own ideas.

Dont say that buying a house in a new neighborhood is Grandmas only wish. In fact, you also want a house in a new neighborhood, right? At this time, you can not take it for granted to say: my family does not accompany the house, you should buy it.

In this situation, you have two ways to achieve your wish:

First, depending on your own abilities, you and your boyfriend work together to find ways to fight together.

Second, you do well enough to give when the other person has the ability to do so. Is it possible to buy a new house now that it is beyond the capacity of others?

The first suggestion above is to analyze why you are wronged.

Second, if the other party wants to do so, but does it have the ability to do so? Thats what you need to think about.

Third, you say you are a treasure in your own home, and you can only cry silently when you come to their home. Who is not a baby at home, but the baby is going out. You are a baby at your home, and he is also a baby at his home. But when you go out, you and he are not babies. Everyone is just an ordinary person.

From today on, we should stop using the mentality of I am a baby at home to treat the society. We should readjust and make it clear that we are babies at home, but when we go out, we are just ordinary people in this society. We should base ourselves on our EQ, IQ and efforts in this society.

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