Emotional Rehabilitation: You need to find your passion first

 Emotional Rehabilitation: You need to find your passion first

And its no use having your own passion. You have to let both sides have passion, so that the passion of two people can wipe out the spark of love. So how can we restore passion to both sides?

First you have to make yourself look like youre going to make someone elses heart beat faster. Everyones first impression of making friends must be your appearance, because what the eyes see is the most intuitive and the most important message to the brain.

When you have a cold peak with your boyfriend or you just break up, you can change your appearance first if you want to save your love. Its not that you have to make a cosmetic appearance, but that you look generous and decent by dressing and behaving.

Of course, it also depends on what kind of person the other party likes, lovely, mature, sexy, all want to vote for it. But the premise is not to lose yourself, everything must have a degree, just point it. Draw a light makeup every day to make yourself look energetic and comfortable for the first time. I believe he will have a feeling when he first saw you.

Finally, I want to say that finding back passion is not only about finding back passion for love, but also about your passion for life. Only by living a wonderful life can others see their own excellence and make others have an impression of themselves.

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