Wu Junru, like Chen Kexin, has been in love for 20 years: insisting on not marrying and sleeping separately, but living happier than anyone else.

 Wu Junru, like Chen Kexin, has been in love for 20 years: insisting on not marrying and sleeping separately, but living happier than anyone else.

Someone laments that if you dont have to get married, keep in love, and carry this feeling through to the end.

Many peoples impression of Wu Junru comes mostly from the ugly woman image full of jokes she contributed to us.

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Wu Junrus microblog name is very interesting. Its called Wu Junru is a great beauty. Even though she has created so many successful ugly women images, she is still an absolute beauty here.

Later, the director saw that her personality was quite liberal. Every time it was her turn to speak, she was amusing. He asked her if she would like to make a unique way to dress up ugly, since the road of beauty was not clear.

Who in their twenties doesnt want to be beautiful in front of the camera, but in the highly competitive entertainment industry, it is a problem that they are not beautiful enough. Girls from the same theatre group, others are all beautiful girls, only she plays Xu Xus old aunt; together on variety shows, others are beautifully shown, but she is arranged to play a great white shark...

When can we get ahead? Maybe its an opportunity to be ugly.

The girl, who had no face to escort and was only in the entertainment circle, decided to go out.

Often playing the ugly girl, her first boyfriend couldnt accept the image of his girlfriend. After four years of love, she broke up. She did not want to go to her boyfriends house for a reunion, but she found another woman in her boyfriends house, with a slim figure and delicate face.

Originally, the so-called love cant be equal to lust after all.

But it is only the lover who has no chance to go away. Only the person who waved goodbye can meet the right person.

Nowadays, Wu Junru, who is always called Mrs. Chen in public, is unknown to many people that she has not married husband Chen Kexin.

Since they met in 1997, they havent got a single marriage letter, but they have been together for more than 20 years. They are bound to go further and live happier than most of the married people. They have a daughter, named Chen Shizhi, whose name seems to be a pair of annotations on their relationship.

Speaking of the process of acquaintance with Chen Kexin, Wu Junru in the interview said with great grace:

One day, she went shopping with her girlfriend on a date. When she got to the place, she found herself being stood up. When she called someone, the phone suddenly stopped. It turned out that the cell phone was out of power.

Although Chen Kexin repeatedly said that he was waiting for an important phone call, he could not stand Wu Junrus soft grinding, spoiling and robbing. Finally, the battery came to Wu Junrus hand, so they did not know each other.

As Chen Kexin describes this amazing experience: fate is a wonderful thing, you can get what you plant. The key is that you are not sincere enough with yourself.

After falling in love for several years, they finally began to live together in 2004.

Unlike other people, cohabitation is a lifelong plan from the beginning.

To this end, Wu Junru also drafted a cohabitation contract, the economic implementation of AA system, and even the two bedrooms are separated by two separate doors, each with a lovers intimacy and independent space.

It is said that Wu Junru insisted on this new intimate relationship. She was unwilling to accept it and hoped to continue the feeling of love. She also saw the marriage relationship of many people very thoroughly: some people married to maintain their feelings, while she chose not to marry Chen Kexin because she believed in them!

Although they are not married without a license, they share the same storms and happiness as real couples.

After more than 20 years of living together, scandals rarely spread between the two men.

Only once. In his column, Tian Pu-chen wrote an article like My Boy and Girl: You Dont Know Chen Kexin.

No matter what kind of girl or tortoise honey, I know that his heart and property belong to me.

In the love relationship on this occasion, Wu Junru not only enjoys his companions tenderness and sweetness, but also keeps his freedom to leave at any time independently.

Whenever people are willing to call her Chen Tai, she always corrects: I am not Mrs. Chen, I am Miss Wu. Even at her 50th birthday party, when Chen Kexin proposed with a flower ring and one knee, her determination never wavered.

But she said this with affection:

Certificates, wedding drinks and other forms are superfluous, which is enough... If one day you dont love me, you can leave at any time.

As for marriage, we always seem to have a convention. 25 is a dividing line. Men should marry and start their own businesses at this age. Women should marry themselves before they grow old.

In this regard, Wu Junru often advised young people to marry later, even naughtily said that she did not give up the whole forest until she was 40 years old.

Some people say that marriage is the continuation of love, the umbrella of property, or that two people form a social unit to raise a child together.

But in reality, there will be frequent performances, such as betrayal, struggle for family property and widowed child-rearing. Marriage can not solve these problems, and even create more problems.

Its much more difficult to find a partner who really knows what it means than that.

Those who have this requirement for marriage become leftover men and women and then suffer from social and family pressures.

Liu Yan talked about his confusion about marriage, did not know the purpose of marriage and the meaning of his partner, and even considered that he was too old to have children, said that he considered adoption.

She felt that marriage seemed to be something everyone needed, but she was confused about the reasons for it.

Wang Han gave her an answer, he said: not necessarily, some people need marriage, some people do not need it.

In fact, whether married or not, women have to be single, is the ultimate magic weapon to happiness.

Is a wedding letter really that important?

Marriage used to be a guarantee, and I didnt need it - emotionally, I didnt need it, and financially, I didnt need anybody to protect me. I dont need anybody else to give me a sense of security. I have a sense of security. So why should I get married? Whats the reason for getting married? Is it necessary to marry in order to prove a special love? But my life is perfect. Who stipulates that marriage is the only way to a successful life?

The outside world was uproarious, and she explained lightly that there was no plan to have a baby, but what if she regretted it later?

In her 40s, she hasnt married yet, but sometimes theres the smell of dog food on her microblog. She sent a microblog like this: Ive been sick for nine years, and youve always had medicine.

She has stable love and close lover. She is not a bachelor. She just wants to be a woman in love all the time. She is not an unmarried person, but thinks that it doesnt matter whether she marries or not.

So, for modern women, is marriage really a just need?

This article, of course, is not to encourage all people not to marry, but to cast aside the traditional concepts of consensus and explore the possibilities of happiness.

Marriage is not always chicken feathers, nor is it always happy for a long time.

The security of a house is no weaker than that of a man; the freedom of income is no worse than that of marriage; whether married or not, women who remain single forever will be favored by fate!