Yao Dis comeback was scolded: Why are women all wrong in feelings?

 Yao Dis comeback was scolded: Why are women all wrong in feelings?

Speaking of this, we have to talk about the wrongs and wrongs of the entertainment industry before. In 2017, the white lily was photographed to be intimate with the mysterious man, and for a time, everybody was overwhelmed with accusations of the white lilys marital infidelity.

Not long after, Chen Yufan released the news that he and Bailily had already divorced. However, everyones anger towards Bailily remained unchanged. They all said that Chen Yufanzhen was a man who had to protect her after divorce.

The next thing is very dramatic. Chen Yufan and his girlfriend who lived together for many years were caught taking drugs. Everyone knows that it wasnt Bailily that had derailed.

Those who once scolded Bailily apologize to her again and say sorry, but is it helpful?

The white lily was the most popular in the year when the incident broke out, but then there was a lot of loss of film contracts, although she has now survived, but compared to that time, it is really much worse.

Moreover, a female stars youth has been wasted for several years. Who can afford it?

However, I admire the white lily, really a man, she never said much, just believe that time will prove everything. But how many innocent women in this world are carrying malice from the whole society?

I really hope those who scold women think, why do you have to be more tolerant of mens derailment? For example, Xu Zhian derailed some time ago. Everyone said that Huang Xinying must have seduced Xu Zhian. It was clearly the fault of two people. Why did you say that?

I have a friend Liu Wei. She was a famous beauty in college. She has good looks and personality. She is the ideal type in many boysminds.

After graduating from college, she met her husband. They fell in love at first sight. Everything was right. When we got married, we all came to congratulate the couple. Looking at Liu Weis happy appearance, we sincerely felt happy for her.

However, when Liu Wei questioned her husband, he said that he was not ashamed to say that because Liu Wei had been paying attention to the children, ignoring his feelings, so he would look outside for warmth, if not for Liu Wei, he would not.

Liu Weiqi wanted to go to her husbands office to complain, and said she wanted to divorce. Then came the accusation of her mother-in-law and her family. They said Liu Wei did not dress up, could not keep a man, and had to spoil her sons reputation, saying that she was not a good woman.

Liu Wei was said to have been deceived. She did not understand why it was her husbands fault, but everyone had to blame her, her hard work, her sadness, who knows?

Later, Liu Wei knew that her husband and this woman had already been together when she was pregnant. Think about the time when she was lying in the hospital in danger of life, but her husband was overturning clouds and rains with another woman. Liu Wei felt a burst of nausea. She firmly divorced. She said that such a man, such a family, since. I dont want to see it for more than a minute. For the rest of my life, I just want to take care of my children. I dont want anything else.

So thats why they cheated. They think its not their fault, its a womans fault. This strange logical thinking is not uncommon, and not only these straight male cancer people will have, and even many women do this to hurt women.

I just want to ask, is it wrong for this woman to try her best to give birth to a child? Was she wrong to take care of her children? No woman does not want to dress up and live comfortably, but as a man, do you give her this condition? If you have the money to let her live in the most expensive moon center, please the most expensive nanny, then she can dress up every day, rather than become you hate the appearance.

We often say that women are not weak. Women need to stand up, work hard and be strong. But in the face of such facts, I often feel that women are weak.

But I really want to tell you a solid fact, that is, most of the derailments are actually mens initiative, they can not bear loneliness, they clearly have a wife to talk, they gave the woman hope and commitment.

When it happens, he hides like a shrinking tortoise and lets you two women fight each other. Such a man, you forgive this time, he will derail next time.

I also want to tell those men who cheat, please look like a man, dont love your wife, divorce first and then go after your so-called true love, dont let your wife and another woman experience pain at the same time.