Post-95 flood volunteers broke down and cried: the kindest people are actually the bravest

 Post-95 flood volunteers broke down and cried: the kindest people are actually the bravest

It must be noted that no one was injured or trapped in the incident and that all were successfully transferred to safety.

But after reading the news, everyone was moved beyond words.

On July 9, heavy rain caused serious water accumulation in Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province, and trapped many people. After 14 hours of rescue, volunteer Liao Yijie collapsed on the roadside.

The heart of a child means this kind of feeling. Its so touching! After watching this video, I couldnt help crying.

Others keep thinking from moving, thinking that the psychological counseling of rescue workers must keep up with, not let them have psychological trauma after disaster relief.

More people are amazed and admired by the young mans attachment and cherishing to strangerslives. One netizen said frankly:


Perhaps the young man imagined that if someone was trapped by the flood, that person would be more or less unlucky, and his family and friends would be extremely sad, so he had the same grief.

The principle of compassion is not difficult to understand, but in todays increasingly cold society between people, these compassionate moments are really becoming more and more rare.

To cherish each others lives is the original goodwill of this world.

All along, compassion is the foundation of human beings social animals. We respect each other because we can understand each others feelings.

Last year, when Li Yiyi, a teenage girl in Qingyang, Gansu, jumped out of a building and refused to be rescued, he jumped out of the hands of firefighters and committed suicide, the scene firefighters roared with heartbreaking and lungs.

The year before last, a pair of twins were swept away by the waves because of their parentsmistakes. When their bodies were brought ashore, the police who had been searching for them for many days were wiping their tears.

In fact, we all live under the same sky, breathe the same air, and have the same life.

Also just a few days ago, there was a burst of crying video on the Internet.

The video was shot by a group of witnesses at the scene:

Suddenly! Many people were swept away by the tide under the Jiubao Bridge in Hangzhou. Some of the witnesses broke down and cried (Source:)

But when three people were swept away by the merciless tide, one woman collapsed and cried in an instant.

Many people thought that the woman knew three people, but in fact she was only one of the witnesses.

Later, a large number of netizens accused three people of neglecting their lives (there are many obvious warning signs on the shore) - deserve it, and the female witnesses on the scene need not be sad about it.

Maybe its true to think rationally.

@ MR_R: Although it is intellectually known that these three men have killed themselves, it is still uncomfortable to hear about it far away.

Sometimes people are softer than they think. If they really meet life in front of you, many people will probably cry.

Thats the way people are!


So we go crazy to indulge, do not know how to cherish.

But in fact, when we do not care about our lives, not only family members, loved ones and friends will feel sad, but also those strangers who are human beings will worry about us.

You may not really know how precious your life is in the eyes of others, even if that other person is something you have never met before.

True compassion is about those who can maintain the greatest goodwill even when dealing with strangers.