Forbes 2019 Celebrity Income List: Messi 4C Ronamar Top 10

 Forbes 2019 Celebrity Income List: Messi 4C Ronamar Top 10

Messis annual income is $127 million, ranking fourth in the world. Forbes introduced Messi: Since his debut in 2003, Messi has scored 603 goals in 687 appearances for Barcelona, winning 33 club championships, including 10 in La Liga. His current contract has been signed for the 20/21 season, earning more than $80 million a year. He also signed a life-long contract with Adidas. He was elected FIFA Player of the Year five times and won the Golden Boot Award in Europe six times. In 2016, Messi was convicted of tax evasion between 2007 and 2009. His 21-month imprisonment turned into a fine of $250,000.

Ronaldo ranks second in football with an annual income of $109 million, according to Forbes: After nine years at Real Madrid, Ronaldo will join Juventus in 2018. He signed a four-year contract with an annual income of $64 million. Twenty-four hours after his arrival, Juve sold 520,000 of his jerseys, worth more than $60 million. He was voted FIFA Player of the Year five times and is the best striker in the history of the Champions League. Nearly 400 million fans have made him the most popular player on social networks. In January this year, Ronaldo agreed to pay a fine of $21 million to settle the tax storm.

Neymars annual income is 105 million euros, which lags behind Cro by a narrow margin. He signed a contract with Paris in 2022, with a five-year gross income of $350 million. Forbes introduces Neymar, When he moved from Barcelona to Paris, he set a world record with a value of $263 million. Hes the second most fan athlete on social networks, with more than 200 million fans on Facebook, Ins and Twitter. Between 2011 and 2013, Neymar evaded taxes and paid a fine of $1.2 million in 2016. Neymar was deprived of the Brazilian captains armband for pushing fans after the French Cup final.

Top Ten Income Ranks in 2019

Taylor-Swift singer $185 million

Kelly Jennas fame is $170 million

3. Kanye West Singer $150 million

Messi players $127 million

Ed Sheeran singer 110 million euros

609 million Ronaldo players

705 million Neymar players

800 million dollars for the Eagle Band

9. Phil McGraw Host/Psychotherapist $95 million

10. Carneiro-Alvarez Boxer $94 million

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