Back in time? A replay of the old play? Why has Fernado been on for more than a decade?

 Back in time? A replay of the old play? Why has Fernado been on for more than a decade?

Between the two, Federer and Japans elder brother Kam Kwok started earlier, while the former threw a set of disadvantageous situation, actively adjust the state, and then pulled three sets to complete the reversal, the overall score was fixed at 3:1, the four sets were 4:6/6:1/6:4.

With this victory, Federer took the lead to win the semi-finals, which is also the 13th time in his 8-crown career to break into the top 4 of Wimbledon. It is worth mentioning that Federer won 100 games at Wimbledon, becoming the first player in the tennis world to win 100 in a single Grand Slam. Previously, Federer equalled Connors 98-win record after joining the top 16. In the last round, Federer won the first place in history, and then crossed the Yusheng barrier, which is another brilliant mark Federer left for the world tennis world.

DATA FIGURE: On June 9, local time, Nadal, the King of the Red Earth, won the French Open Mens Singles Championship for the 12th time with a total score of 3:1, which is also Nadals 18th Grand Slam title.

Shortly after Federers death, Nadal also received a bulletin. The 3rd seed of the contest steadily took the initiative in the confrontation with U.S. artillery Quirey. It won easily in three straight sets with 7:5/6:2/6:2 and was promoted to the 4th Wimbledon for the second consecutive year. Following the French Open semi-finals two months ago, Fernander, who swallowed the Grand Slam to face Nadals 10th defeat at at the French Open, will attack the championship at Wimbledon, where he is more familiar and good at it.

After defeating Qurei, Nadal was the first finalist to qualify for the ATP year-end finals, and he won the entrance ticket for the 15th consecutive year in his personal career. Nevertheless, the year-end finals seem to be an unconquerable pain in Nadals heart. The best result is two runners-up. He may have a chance to break the magic spell, who has remained in high spirits since his return from injury this year.

The forthcoming Fernado is attractive enough. On Weibo, netizens also lament that the rivals of running water and the three giants of iron play will probably experience long-term melancholy and perplexity when they retire.

Of course, not only Chinese netizens, but also foreign fans on social media are debating and predicting the 40th Fernander Decision. When they meet again every two months, some netizens have high hopes for Federers successful revenge: Nadal is 14-2 in the clay court against Federer, but Wimbledon is not the clay court. In addition, some people lamented: This must be a wonderful match, since 2008, the two have not met in Wimbledon for 11 years, this is amazing.

For 37-year-old Federer and 33-year-old Nadal, the world has given them enough respect and love. Everyone hopes that their encounter will once again bring fans a full and incisive war.

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Li Xiaotian_NS6473