Guo Taiming: If elected to Taiwan in 2020, it will surpass Korea.

 Guo Taiming: If elected to Taiwan in 2020, it will surpass Korea.

Guo Taiming (Tuyuan: Taiwan Media)

Overseas Network, July 11, 10, Guo Taiming, KMT primary candidate and chairman of Hon Hai, said that he wanted to revitalize Taiwans industry, which is also his major. If he is elected by 2020, Taiwan will surpass Korea.

According to Taiwans Dongsen News Cloud report, Guo Taiming said on the 10th that many friends were curious about his political opinions. Can he really make the cake bigger and serve the people better? Therefore, he wants to explain the concept of Intelligent Technology Island and talk about the current global industrial trends. Guo pointed out that President Wen published the Renaissance Plan for Manufacturing Industry a few days ago to guide 30,000 domestic SMEs to build smart factories and 2,000 new AI factories by 2030, so that South Korea can squeeze into the fourth place in the world in manufacturing industry, which is a warning and a turning point for Taiwan.

Guo pointed out that Taiwan had been the top ten exporters of world industry. As South Korea launched its manufacturing upgrading plan, Taiwan was more urgent to catch up, develop industrial Internet and promote smart manufacturing. Guo Taiming said that he wanted to revitalize Taiwans industry, which is also his major. If he was elected by 2020, Taiwan would surpass South Korea.

On the other hand, in response to criticism of the 0-6-year-old Taiwanese authorities to help raise children, Guo said that he regretted that this political opinion was constantly criticized and laughed at. Politicians would only use impossible as an excuse for jumping tickets, but he used impossible as a motto. If Taiwan did not want to lose to Korea, it would believe Guo Taiming. He will surely enable Taiwans industrial restructuring to add value and help raise peoples salaries.

Earlier, Guo Taiming had been unhappy with Cais English authorities. Guo questioned that Cai authorities had been praising the success of their industrial policies. In fact, Taiwans labor productivity index had been declining for five months, and some manufacturers reported that their basic livelihoods had been affected. Why didnt Cai authorities mention these news?

Guo said Cai had said before that governing Taiwan is different from governing enterprises. It is true that he still needs to learn a lot if he wants to be a leader in Taiwan, but he believes that in a rapidly changing world situation, one thing remains unchanged is that if you dont advance, you will go backwards. When Taiwans economy becomes like this, Cais English is not good. Reflecting on themselves, instead of deceiving the people and making excuses for their incompetence, it is really sad to have such a Taiwan authority.

Finally, Guo Taiming shouted to Cai Yingwen that we should stop hiding behind the words of Wenqing algae to hypnotize everybody and let Taiwans economy boil frogs in warm water. Lets get out and face the current situation of Taiwans economy pragmatically.

Since taking office, Cai has boasted that its the best time for Taiwans economy in 20 years, according to Taiwanese media. However gorgeous the rhetoric cant match the reality of the data. Cai Yingwens refusal to recognize the 1992 Consensus has led to a tight cross-strait situation, which has crushed Taiwans economy and peoples livelihood.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Zhou Xinyi_NB12002