Teachers who punish students corporally are punished too heavily? Wulian Official: They can still compete for other schools.

 Teachers who punish students corporally are punished too heavily? Wulian Official: They can still compete for other schools.

Peng Meis journalist learned from Wulian Radio and Television Network on July 11 that the Education and Sports Bureau of Wulian County, Shandong Province, recently investigated an incident of corporal punishment of students by teachers and made additional treatment in the case of initial treatment by schools.

According to the survey, on the afternoon of April 29, two junior three students in No. 2 Middle School of Wulian were late for class. They were ordered to go to the door of the classroom to reflect by their teacher, Yang Mou. The latter two left the playground and were called back by their teacher, Yang Mou. In the corridor of the teaching building, students are allowed to squat on the ground, to carry out corporal punishment and criticism education for more than ten minutes with textbook beating and kicking. After that, Lis parents came to school to find the childrens face, neck, legs and other redness and swelling, and immediately alerted the police. The police stations in the districts under their jurisdiction dispatch the police quickly, investigate according to law and carry out relevant work. According to the Law on the Protection of Minors, corporal punishment of students by teachers should be punished by the education department. In response, the police station communicated with the education department and handed it over to the education department.

The school immediately made an investigation and, after research, suspended the teacher for one month; apologized to the students and parents concerned, and made written examination to the school; assumed the cost of diagnosis and treatment; abolished the evaluation of excellent teachers, failed the evaluation of teachersethics; and made disciplinary decisions such as Party warnings and administrative records. At the same time, the principal of the school also took the initiative to assume management responsibility, made a deep inspection at the school office meeting, and deducted a quarterly grade salary.

Parents of students disagreed with the decision, believing that teacherscorporal punishment of students was too heavy and had crossed the bottom line of the regular management of students, and should be dealt with strictly in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Teacher Yang Mou also regretted his impulse to punish students corporally. After a thorough and meticulous investigation by the investigation team set up by the competent department of education in Wulian County, the Party Committee considered that although the teacher did not cause serious consequences for the purpose of supervising students, he ignored the relevant provisions of the national educational regulations and the three orders and five decrees of his superiors on prohibiting corporal punishment of students, publicly corporal punishment of students and physical and mental construction of students. It is difficult to prevent harm if it is not dealt with seriously. Therefore, according to the relevant provisions of the Compulsory Education Law, the TeachersLaw, the Circular of the Ministry of Education on the Issue of Measures for Handling Violations of Professional Ethics by Primary and Secondary School Teachers, and Shandong Province, additional treatment is made to Yang Mou, a teacher: withholding his prize from May 2019 to April 2020. Incentive performance pay; Ask Yangs school not to sign the Shandong Public Institutions Employment Contract with him in the new school year of 2019; Put Yang into the blacklist of the credit information evaluation system of Wulian County since July 2019.

After the announcement of the decision on additional treatment, the public opinion considered that it was too heavy to sign employment contracts and be included in the credit blacklist. The education authorities in Wulian County explained that the mistakes made by a teacher, Yang Mou, need to be dealt with seriously, but they can not reach the situation that they need to be expelled. This decision does not mean that the teacher will be expelled, and he can re-compete for other school posts in the county. The blacklist included in the credit information evaluation system refers to the downgrading of social credit rating, and it is not allowed to participate in the evaluation of first priority within five years.

The responsible person in charge of education in Wulian County said that corporal punishment of students is prohibited by state laws and regulations, and any teacher who violates this prohibition will be dealt with seriously. Yang Mou, a teacher, has paid a heavy price and learned a profound lesson. He hopes that the whole countys faculty and staff will take this as a precept, and that they will be strict with the students and not cross the bottom line, so as to better undertake the sacred mission of teaching and educating people.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Xing Haibo_NBJS8850