Interest rates on mortgages in several cities rebounded or will continue to rise in June

 Interest rates on mortgages in several cities rebounded or will continue to rise in June

The Interest Rate of Housing Loans in Several Second-tier Cities Upgraded

In June of this year, among 533 bank branches (branches) in 35 cities monitored by 360 big data research institutes, 422 banks had the same interest rate for first suite loans, which increased by 28 (79.17%) compared with May, while 66 banks had higher interest rates, which increased by 39 compared with May. 108 families were reduced to 44.

In some second-tier cities, the interest rates of mortgage loans have been lowered, mostly by banks with higher interest rates, following up and adjusting, but a new wave of centralized reduction has not been found yet. Li Wanfu, an analyst at Rong360 Data Research Institute, said that in the second-tier cities, there were signs of an increase in mortgage interest rates in many areas. Following Qingdao, Nanjing and Chengdu, the average interest rates of Tianjin, Suzhou, Fuzhou, Ningbo and Nanning all rose in June, and the rate of change was fast. The interest rates of Nanjing have been rising for two consecutive months. In addition, some banks in Ningbo, Suzhou and other places also said that the current housing loan quota is relatively tight, or suspend lending, or the lending time is uncertain.

For first-tier cities, Li Wanfu said that because very few banks cut mortgage rates, the first-home lending rates in Beijing and Shanghai fell slightly, from 5.39% and 4.92% to 5.37% and 4.91%, respectively; Shenzhen remained unchanged; Guangzhou began to rebound; six banks recently raised mortgage rates, Everbright Bank. The bank took the lead in adjusting the interest rate of first-home loans to a 20% rise in the benchmark interest rate.

Experts believe it may continue to rise

According to the June Mortgage Market Report issued by Rong360 Data Research Institute, more and more cities have joined the ranks of raising mortgage interest rates. Although there are still some cities where the level of mortgage interest rates has declined, most of them are follow-up adjustments by banks with higher interest rates, and the number is much smaller than that of cities with higher interest rates. The average interest rate on housing loans in China has increased.

In Tianjin, Nanning and other cities, the mortgage rate has just been lowered for a month before it began to rise. Some banks in the same month first raised the mortgage rate, and then said that the amount of money is tight and temporarily unable to lend. Apart from raising mortgage interest rates in several second-tier cities, there are signs of a rebound in mortgage interest rates in first-tier cities.

Li Wanfu, A Research Institute of Finance 360, said that in the second half of the year, bank credit funds were generally more tense than in the first half, coupled with real estate regulation in popular cities, more cities and banks were expected to join the army of rising mortgage rates.