Henan 13-year-old boy who threw down two fire extinguishers at a high level apologized to his parents

 Henan 13-year-old boy who threw down two fire extinguishers at a high level apologized to his parents

On July 9, Henan Commercial Customs noticed a high-altitude parabolic incident in Zhengzhou.

In Unit 2, Building 36, Yuanda Ideal City District, a 13-year-old boy threw down two fire extinguishers from a high-rise building and ignited the anger of the residents of the whole building. They asked their family to move out of the community.

According to the scene pictures provided by the owner, the fire extinguisher fell and deformed. Another fire extinguisher hit an electric vehicle and damaged the pedal of the electric vehicle.

At that time, Zhang, director of customer service department of Henan Yongheng Triumph Property Service Co., Ltd., said, We are also working for this family. They said they would apologize in writing and go door to door to apologize.

But the owner of building 36 didnt buy it. Our owner of the whole building asked to expel them. We cant take this risk.

On the evening of July 10, Henan Business Daily reporters noticed that parentsapologies and boys guarantees were affixed to the doorway of each unit of building 36 in the district.

Parentsapologies are as follows:

I apologize for the high-altitude parabolism around 7 p.m. on July 8, 2019. As parents, we sincerely accept the supervision of the owners and friends of Unit 2, Building 36, Yuanda Ideal City, and deeply apologize for not fulfilling the responsibility of guardian.

On the evening of July 8, 2019, dogs dropped two fire extinguishers on the 16th floor. Express my sincerest apologies. And I promise that I will not throw anything down any more. May my dear friends of the owners give us another chance.

July 10, 2019

16-storey households

The boys certificate is as follows:

This is the case with high-altitude parabola. I wanted to throw it down and see what would happen. I really didnt expect it to happen. When I went downstairs, I thought I couldnt find the one I threw, so I went straight over. But in the end, I realized that I was so foolish that the police came to my door. When I entered our building, I felt extremely ashamed. Give me another chance to make sure I dont commit it it.


For the letter of apology and the certificate, the owner of Building 36 said that the letter of apology was not distracted. All 13-year-olds are in their first year of junior high school, but apology letters are like those written by six-year-olds. Ms. Chen, a resident of Building 36, said.

Ms. Chen said that she still wanted them to move, but the landlord had not let them move. They could not contact the landlord directly now, and they are still communicating with the property.

Source: Dahe Daily Responsible Editor: Su Honghun_NBJ9980