The fierce dispute between Japan and South Korea has reached the WTO

 The fierce dispute between Japan and South Korea has reached the WTO

Japans Ambassador to Geneva, Junichi Iwahara, said that this was not a ban on export restrictions, but to remove Korea from the application of simplified procedures and restore it to general export procedures. He emphasized that the adjustment of trade management measures based on the concerns of security assurance had no problems with WTO rules. I hope other members will understand.

It is understood that the dispute between Japan and South Korea is related to Korean workersclaims against Japan in World War II. The two countries have sought a compromise at the diplomatic level. According to Kyodo News Agency on June 20, the Japanese government submitted a request to the Korean government on June 19 to hold a meeting of the arbitration commission by entrusting a third country to arrange for members. That is to say, within 30 days, Japan and South Korea will choose a third country to hold a meeting of an arbitration commission composed of three members, including one member designated by that country. The deadline for the selection of a third country is 18 July.

According to Koreas Chosun Ilbo on July 10, senior officials in Tsingwatai said on the same day: The Arbitration Commission of the three countries or the submission to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) violates the principle that the government should not interfere with the decision of the Ministry of Justice, and therefore is unacceptable. The person concerned also said: We will actively publicize to the international community that the victim countries of Japans initiatives may spread from South Korea to other countries.

Reported that the Korean government, at the WTO Merchandise Trade Council held in Geneva, Switzerland, on July 9, stressed to members that Japans export restrictions violated the principle of free trade. The Permanent Representative of Korea to the WTO, Bai Zhie, said at the council: Japans assertion ofimpaired trustcannot be used as a basis for WTO measures (export restrictions).

Bilateral consultations are being coordinated in Tokyo on the 12th, said Cheng Yunmou, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Resources of South Korea.

But Japans Deputy Prime Minister and finance minister, Tae-hyun Aso, said: South Korea has not said to accept arbitration. Therefore, all options are being explored and will be addressed in the future. This is the first time that Abes Cabinet officially said it would take further retaliatory measures after Japan issued export restrictions on July 1. Japanese Cabinet Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yiwei responded to Wens request for the withdrawal of retaliation, saying: This is not an agreeable object, nor does it intend to withdraw.

Information Picture: The World Trade Organization logo is located at the gate of the WTO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. (Xinhua News Agency)