Eight cases of fraudulent fund fraud have been decoded into common tricks during the year.

 Eight cases of fraudulent fund fraud have been decoded into common tricks during the year.

Case of Fraud in the Name of Fund

There have been at least eight incidents in the year.

On the evening of July 9, Morgan Stanley Huaxin Fund issued a bulletin on alerting investors to illegal websites. The bulletin pointed out that recently the company found that the content of a website was identical to that of the official website of Morgan Stanley Huaxin Fund, but the address of the website was not the official website of the company. The companys Information Technology Department confirmed that the site is suspected of phishing sites. This solemnly reminds investors to be vigilant and not to believe such illegal websites.

Since this year, there have been eight such cases, compared with only five in the whole of last year. The fund companies involved this year are Noan Fund, Ping An Fund, South Fund, Huaxia Fund, Huatai Berry Fund, Qianhai Open Source Fund, Bank of China Fund and Morgan Stanley Huaxin Fund.

From the announcements issued by fund companies, it can be found that illegal elements use the names of fund companies, fund company employees and their funds to contact investors, induce investors to scan two-dimensional code to log on fraud pages, and induce investors to log on to false websites or mobile phone clients. For example, the scanned pages of fraudulent two-dimensional codes display the words Zhi Tuo Bao/Ding Tuo Tong, Long-term Bao/Short-term Bao and so on, which is a kind of gambling game to lure investors to transfer money.

Fund companies recruit investors

Three points should be paid attention to before purchasing products

In the brutal growth of the private equity industry, deep in the liquidation crisis, fund companies lost links and other situations are relatively common, a few investors unfortunately trample on the thunder. However, for the highly standardized and transparent public offering fund industry, it is difficult for the illegal elements to successfully lure investors. Nevertheless, in order to prevent future problems, fund companies also recruit investors in relevant announcements to improve their vigilance and identification ability of illegal activities such as fraud.

The reporter of Securities Daily noticed that from the announcements issued by the above eight fund companies reminding investors to prevent financial fraud, we can see that investors should pay attention to three points before purchasing financial products:

First of all, we should be particularly vigilant about new products and preferential activities. According to relevant laws and regulations, fund companies will not send two-dimensional code pictures to investors or persuade investors to download the fund companys mobile app (APP), nor will they ask investors for other personal information such as fund accounts, nor will they hold concessional activities such as recharge and cash-back. In the business and activities of regular fund companies, we should be more vigilant.

Secondly, investors should go to authoritative websites to verify the anomalies. In many cases of fraud in the name of fund companies, fraudsters confuse investors with information such as Wechat public number and website domain name, which are similar to those of related fund companies. In verifying these information, investors can go to authoritative institutions (such as the official website of China Securities Fund Association) to verify the registration address, website, customer service telephone and other information of fund companies. Investors can also verify relevant information by customer service telephone.

Finally, investors should constantly improve their vigilance and identification ability against illegal activities such as fraud. Do not easily call the Internet to publish the so-called fund company customer service telephone or log on to other phishing websites, do not download related APP or investment related company fund products by scanning two-dimensional code pictures from unknown sources or clicking on links from unknown sources, beware of being deceived, and use regular channels when buying financial products to prevent accidents. However.

Industry experts remind investors that investors should report to the local public security organs as soon as they find out the fraud of the illegal elements. They should not hold the idea of negotiating and solving by themselves. On the one hand, investors can avoid falling deeper and deeper into the trap designed by the illegal elements. On the other hand, professional organs can report the fraud to the local public security organs for the first time. Investigate and punish illegal websites and fraud, so as to avoid more investors being cheated.

Source: Liable Editor of Securities Daily: Yang Qian_NF4425