Hu Haifeng stepped on the muddy ground to see the heavy rain disaster and went to the dam to console the cadres

 Hu Haifeng stepped on the muddy ground to see the heavy rain disaster and went to the dam to console the cadres

Influenced by the South pressure of the Meiyu belt moving eastward, heavy rains have continued in recent years in our city, especially heavy rains in some areas during the night of July 8 to 9. On the 10th, Hu Haifeng, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, went to Longquan City to conduct in-depth first-line inspections to guide flood control work. He stressed that we should be highly vigilant, careless, unfortunate and unremitting, strengthen the monitoring, inspection and personnel transfer of hidden danger points, strictly implement measures to prevent and avoid concessions, and make every effort to ensure the safety of peoples lives and property.

The reservoir of Yanzhangxi I Hydropower Station, whose water level exceeds the flood limit of 0.5 meters, is opening sluices to release flood. Hu Haifeng stepped onto the dam and asked in detail about water level, rain conditions, personnel transfer and resettlement. He expressed his cordial condolences to the local cadres and masses who adhered to the front line of flood control. He demanded that all efforts be made to win the hard battle of flood control without any slack. He stressed that all relevant departments should strictly implement flood control responsibilities, strengthen inspection and investigation of potential risks and weak links, find hidden dangers and fill loopholes, closely monitor weather and flood changes, conscientiously carry out emergency rescue and evasion transfer plans to ensure safe flood season.

Affected by continuous heavy rain, the organic Ganoderma lucidum base located in Zhoucun Village, Xijie Street, has over 20 mu of water and damaged more than 60,000 segments of Ganoderma lucidum, with an estimated direct economic loss of more than 2 million yuan. Hu Haifeng stepped into the planting greenhouse and inspected the disaster on the spot. Hu Haifeng was very concerned to see the glossy ganoderma lucidum seriously damaged after being flooded. He encouraged disaster-stricken farmers to have firm confidence, carry out production self-rescue quickly, and minimize disaster losses. He also asked relevant departments to quickly organize professional and technical personnel to provide technical guidance and services to disaster-stricken people. Hu Haifeng also reminded agricultural enterprises to enhance insurance awareness, so that agricultural insurance for the development of modern agriculture shelter from the wind and rain.

In Chatian Town Emergency Equipment Storage Warehouse and Xikou Village-level disaster prevention and resettlement sites, pumps, flashlights, quilts, tents, umbrellas and other large and small flood control equipment and materials are available. Hu Haifeng went into the warehouse to check and inquire about the situation of flood control material reserve carefully. He demanded that the emergency rescue materials be prepared and managed well, and that emergency drills be strengthened so as to ensure that the materials can be quickly deployed and used in flood season, and that the flood control and rescue teams can win.

Hu Haifeng stressed that all relevant departments should attach great importance to flood control work, put it in a more prominent position, further tighten security responsibilities, closely cooperate and cooperate to gather a strong synergy of flood control and disaster relief.

Source: Responsible Editor of Lishui: Zhou Xinyi_NB12002