The last taxi driver who took away the girl tenant: 2 people didnt talk during the whole journey

 The last taxi driver who took away the girl tenant: 2 people didnt talk during the whole journey

On July 7, 23:01, surveillance photographed Liang Mouhua and Xie Moufang boarding a taxi, an hours drive from Dongqian Lake where they committed suicide. Photo Source: Ningbo Public Security Official Weibo

New Beijing News reporter: On the evening of July 7, where did you pick up the couple? Where did they get off?

Master Ni: At 23:01 that night, they waved and stopped at the Dongmen intersection of Juexi Street to go to Dongqian Lake, and finally got off at a crossroads near the scenic spot of Dongqian Lake. Next to it was the woods. It was dark at night. I didnt see if there was a lake or water around.

New Beijing News reporter: How long did it take, how much did they pay, and did they make a counter-offer?

Master Ni: It took me an hour to remember that it was 12:5 a.m. The fare was settled at the beginning. They asked how much it was. I quoted 300, and they paid 280. Finally, they paid 180 yuan by Wechat and gave 100 yuan in cash.

New Beijing News reporter: What do they carry with them?

Master Ni: They dont carry much. They only have two bags. They seem to be one bag for men and one bag for women. They dont have pull-rod boxes.

Reporter of Beijing News: After getting off, did they ask you to wait for the bus or leave your phone number so that you can contact again on your return journey?

Master Ni: No, none.

Reporter of the Beijing News: According to your observation, how did the two men look and behave that night? Are there any abnormalities?

Master Ni: They all got on the bus and sat in the back row. I didnt look back, so I asked them directly where they were going. Apart from talking to me about the price and asking how long I could get there, neither of them spoke a word or answered the phone.

Reporter of Beijing News: The two passengers committed suicide by jumping from the lake. Did the police ever find you?

Master Ni: I didnt know they were going to jump into the lake to commit suicide. I just dragged them to the place. Later, Ningbo Interpol called me and said it was a homicide. Let me help. I went to the Criminal Police Force and they asked me what was going on, and I told them the truth. There was a camera in the car, and the video record of that night had been copied to the police through the company. I couldnt copy the video myself.

Fathers Divorce After Girls Lost Couple: Not Think That Bad

Dad Zhang: Why did you divorce your daughter when she lost contact? Because I didnt think it was that bad. I came from Tianjin at 11:00 on the 6th noon and stopped for 20 hours before I arrived in Hangzhou. It was already early on the 7th morning. My brother-in-law drove me back to my hometown. I rested for a few hours and thought that the relationship could not be recovered. It took only a couple of hours to go through the formalities. I went through the formalities first. Now that my ex-wife knows about it, I dont know if she will come. She still blames me for not having a good child. I think she will come, if not, because she is afraid to face, it should be evasion.