The Kuomintang intends to delete the clause Taiwan leaders concurrently serve as party chairmen

 The Kuomintang intends to delete the clause Taiwan leaders concurrently serve as party chairmen

BEIJING, July 11 (Xinhua) According to Taiwanese newspaper Lianhe Bao, the KMT leaders in Taiwan are facing fierce competition in the primary election, but the KMT Central Committee is still busy with the post-election layout. The Kuomintang National Congress will be held on the 28th. In addition to formally passing the nominations of leaders in Taiwan, the amendments to the Party Constitution will be discussed. Party officials said that after the discussion of the Party Constitution Study Group, a consensus was reached that the clause Taiwan leaders concurrently serve as party chairmen would be deleted, and the new party chairman designated five county mayors as the Standing Committee.

Source: Wu Dunyi, Chairman of the Kuomintang of China (middle). China News Agency reporter Zhang Yuzhan

The two cases will be passed by the Kuomintang as soon as 17 days, and will be finally decided in the plenary session. People familiar with the situation pointed out that the second Party Constitution Study Group Meeting was held on October. In view of the Constitution, the provisions stipulating that Taiwanese leaders should concurrently serve as Party Chairmen were deleted, and the principle of Party to Party, Government to Government was implemented, thus gaining internal consensus.

Zeng Wenpei, the Standing Committee of the Kuomintang, believes that it is justified to delete the above-mentioned provisions. Considering that every Taiwanese leader who served concurrently as the chairman of the Kuomintang in the past ended in a defeat, it can be seen that concurrent chairman of the Kuomintang is not necessarily a good thing for the ruling party; moreover, Taiwanese leaders are restricted by many provisions and cannot travel to the mainland if As Chairman of the Party, the Chairman of the Party can assist the leaders of Taiwan to share cross-strait affairs.

In addition, KMT representatives actively promoted the full number of county mayors as designated standing committees, which are also expected to be adopted by the 17 th Central Committee; people familiar with the situation said that six municipalities directly under the Central Government or northern County mayors should be the priority subjects for consultation.

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Su Hong-hung_NBJ9980