Mother of the Lost Girl: No. 8 and her father divorced yesterday to confirm that the child had an accident.

 Mother of the Lost Girl: No. 8 and her father divorced yesterday to confirm that the child had an accident.

The mother said that she knew the news of the accident through her uncle yesterday. She and her sister have been working in Guangzhou.

She told reporters that she met her father in Hangzhou in 2009, gave birth in 2010 and got her marriage certificate in 2013. The mother said that when she met her father, she was still very young, only seventeen or eighteen years old. At first, the children were brought by their mothers. When the children were about to go to kindergarten, the couple went to Shaoxing to work. At that time, I felt that my father was a little grumpy. Sometimes they quarreled and their relationship gradually broke down.

In 2015, she went to Guangzhou: My own father works in Guangzhou, I went to find my father.

The father of the middle child had contacted her and advised her to go home, but she did not want to go back, because the feelings had been completely broken, plus the father of the child is a little grumpy. During this period, she once bought clothes for her childrens father, and also made phone calls. Later, she had less contact. A month or two ago this year, she re-Tweeted her fathers letter to discuss divorce. At that time, the father said he didnt agree with the divorce and wanted to make up, but she still felt that it was impossible for them to go back to the past. Later, my father sent me a message that he agreed to divorce. He didnt want to make me sad. He let me go to Qiandao Lake.

The mother first returned to her hometown in Chongqing, hoping that her uncle would accompany her to Chunan to deal with the divorce.

On July 7, 2019, accompanied by her uncle, she arrived in Chunan.

That afternoon, the father told me that the child had been taken away and that he was going to Ningbo to bring the child back. Grandpa and grandma loved this child very much, I know, I am also reassured, at that time, the childs father said so, I always thought that the child is a relative or something to take out, not too serious.

On July 8, her father and aunt also advised her to think about it. But she decided to divorce them at 9 a.m. on July 8.

As soon as the formalities were completed, the mother returned to Chongqing with her uncle. He returned to Chongqing on July 10. She is still at her home in Chongqing.

I also want to see the children this time, but the father said that he hadnt seen the children for such a long time. He was afraid that the children would hate the mother instead, so he let her not see him. The mother did not believe that the child would have an accident until July 10, when the childs uncle sent her a search and rescue video and other news, she did not confirm that the child had an accident.

Today (July 11) early morning, Qianjiang Evening News reporters rushed to Chunan County Civil Affairs Bureau to confirm that Zhang Juns husband and wife went to the divorce formalities on the morning of July 8 and completed the formalities near noon. The registration time of the two persons is May 2013. Seventeen couples were divorced on that day.

Marriage Registry staff said that in the process of divorce procedures, the father and mother of the child had not exchanged information about the child.

According to previous information, on the evening of July 7, the man had found that the renters mobile phone was out of touch. On the morning of July 8, the family of the child reported to the police.

Fathers Divorce After Girls Lost Couple: Not Think That Bad

Regarding the doubts of netizens, the reporter asked the girls father. Zhang Dad said, I saw all kinds of comments from netizens last night, and even doubted my ex-wifes doubts about my parents. I think these ideas are ridiculous. So when I returned to my place last night, I contacted my ex-wife and told her that the child was missing. Im not talking for her. I dont think it has anything to do with her (ex-wife). I told the police about that.

Family members of missing girls in Hangzhou: tenants ask about family conditions or take dolls to other places

On July 10, the police reported the case of nine-year-old girl lost her couplet in Chunan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The girl has not been found yet. Grandma later recalled that the tenant specifically asked about his family when he rented the house. Grandpa said that the tenant or the child had been brought to foreign trade.

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