Photographer Hong Nanli: 81 years old, I want to continue shooting.

 Photographer Hong Nanli: 81 years old, I want to continue shooting.

You may wonder: why does an ordinary 81-year-old woman get such a courtesy in the sports world because she is not a prominent person, does not have high status, does not have a rich life and even some poverty? Just because shes been in sports photography for 41 years?

Hong Nanli was born in 1938 in the flames of the War of Resistance Against Japan. With her father working in the bank, she traveled from Shanghai south to Guangdong, Guangxi, and westward to Chongqing. She traveled most of China until the victory of the War of Resistance. She did not return to Shanghai until she tasted hardship and developed her character of hardship and endurance.

She is only 1.53 metres tall, because she is slightly ricketed in old age, so she looks even shorter. She looked extremely thin, but declined the reporters request for help with the bag, and some childishly displayed her muscles. The reporter was somewhat surprised to find that the joint of her right index finger was thicker than that of a healthy young man who had been working out all the year round. I dont know whether it was because she practiced gymnastics in her early years or because she had been tapping the shutter frequently with a camera in her hand for 41 years.

On the day of the interview, she wore a T-shirt to the pilling and a pair of faded sports trousers; on her wrist, she wore a watch from her daughter, who had worn eight years and more than half of the red paint had completely peeled off, and no accessories.

During the interview, her wife, Zheng Guizhi, a famous soccer player in Shanghai, once sat on the opposite sofa and fell asleep, making a slight snoring sound. Then she woke up quickly and still looked at Hong Nanli in front of her. It was like looking through Hong Nanlis shoulder at the emptiness behind her. In 1956, Zheng Guizhi visited Cambodia with his team, which was the first time that the Shanghai Football Team had visited abroad on behalf of New China.

He is well-known in Shanghai football circle. He lived in an era with Nian Weisi and Zhang Honggen. Hong Nanli looked to Zheng Guizhi and asked him in Shanghai, When I was married to him, when I was walking on the street, people said,Ah, this is guard Zheng Guizhi. Now on the road, people say, Ah, this is Hong Nanli. Zheng Guizhis face showed the old peoples unique simplicity, smiling in response.

Hong Nanli and Zheng Guizhi at the award ceremony

After getting older, Zheng Guizhis memory became more and more blurred. Hong Nanli was not confident that he was at home alone, so she took him wherever she went and hoped to improve his memory by letting his wife watch the game. Shark, Shenhua and Hong Kong all have enthusiastic fans who are willing to help take care of Zheng Guizhi. Every time I go to the stadium, I will take him as a courier, and after watching the game, the fans will take him back as a courier. Hes happy to watch the ball and Im happy to take pictures. Hong Nanli said she was very grateful to these enthusiastic fans. Now, the situation of Zheng Guizhi has improved a lot.

The reporter is quite sure: this is an ordinary old lady.

Happy old lady

In The Dinner is Crazy, Master Tan, played by Fan Wei, has a saying: Happiness has nothing to do with the rich and the poor, but is connected with the heart. Hong Nanli had a hard time, but she always laughed. She also gave herself the nickname Happy Old Lady.

In 1993, Hong Nanli, 55, retired from the Shanghai Sports Committee and was re-employed as a photographer in 1994 by Xinmin Sports Daily (later expanded to Oriental Sports Daily). No fixed wage, only 50 yuan a week, the car and meals are all included. The equipment, including cameras and films, as well as the development and expansion of photographs, are all undertaken by Hong Nanli herself. If the photo is selected, the newspaper society pays the contribution fee according to the quantity.

But I am reluctant to give up such an opportunity. Many people are eager for it. What I am most satisfied with is that I can shoot any project. I am tired, but I can shoot any project. If a person wants to pursue, he will have such opportunities after retirement and be satisfied. Hong Nanli said, Without the platform provided by Xinmin Sports Daily, there would not be my present day. I am full of gratitude now.

When she left the newspaper in 2002, which she called her second retirement, Hong Nanli was happy again because she could take away her accumulated photographs and negatives in good faith. She was deeply saddened by the fact that none of the previous photographs taken at the Shanghai Sports Committee belonged to her. A man must be blessed if he loses, but he is blessed if he loses. Hong Nanli said. Since then, she has become a freelance photographer, collecting and editing as one, and can devote herself to the cause of using photographs to study Chinese sports history.

Her happiness is so simple, as long as she can take pictures.

As she grew older, her photo library became more and more rich. Now she has accumulated about 17 T. Assuming that a photo occupies about 5 M of space, 14T is an astronomical number. In addition, she has a large number of negatives that have not yet been scanned electronically. Her photos have a long time span, rich variety and large number, so many media and athletes will ask her for photos. At this time, I will feel very happy, because I am useful in this society, and others will need me.

DATA FIGURE: Hong Nanli presented Yao Ming with Yao Zhi Duel at Yao Mings retirement ceremony.

An old lady who is eager to learn

The situation of the photography industry is changing rapidly, new technology and new ideas emerge in endlessly in photography, lighting, and later period, and equipment updating is also very fast. Hong Nanli changed from gymnastics to sports photography, and worked in sports photography circle for 41 years. She never lagged behind the times. What she relied on was her outstanding learning ability and outstanding learning consciousness.

In 1979, Hong Nanli transferred to the newly established Photography Department of the Shanghai Sports Commission and became a photographer. She worked with two other colleagues. In addition to taking photos, she is also responsible for the collation of information, mainly to classify and edit the photographs to facilitate future calls. The more sports photographs cover and the more photographs there are, the more difficult it will be to organize them. Otherwise, the collection of books will not develop into a subject - Library science. If you want, you can even go on to masters degree or doctors degree.

At first I dared not (P chart), but then I thought, anyway, the original picture is still broken, then come again. Hong Nanli recalled her experience of learning computer more than 20 years ago and held a thank-you meeting. Many children were very kind to me. When I was in Xinmin Sports Daily, the editorial office was opposite the computer center. When I went there, the children shouted, Teacher Hong will not teach her as soon as possible. Sometimes they taught me yesterday, I forgot the next day, they are not bored, and then teach me.

After leaving the newspaper, Hong Nanli slowly set up her own photo library, and in her early years, her ability to organize materials was implemented on the computer. The 17T photos were categorized according to the types and dates of the events. As long as the information provided was accurate enough, she could quickly find the corresponding photos. Now, her photo gallery is growing almost every day, and this kind of organization has been maintained.

For those iterating lenses and bodies, Hong Nanli can always quickly understand their characteristics, but she is not an equipment party, and her economic conditions do not allow her to update equipment frequently. I think its enough. You drive Santana as well as Volvo. Thats enough. Hong Nanli said.

Nowadays, even computer P-chart has become the past, mobile P-chart has been favored by more and more people because of its convenience, rapidity and no threshold. Hong Nanli is still not backward. Not only that, but she also knows how to run her circle of friends. She always shares nine pictures of carefully selected pictures. Whats the first one put, whats the last one put, whats the location of panoramic and close-up, all of them are exquisite. Friends also enjoy watching.

Professional old lady

Photographers, especially sports photographers, can be called brainworkers because they need a flexible brain in composition, exhaustion, on-the-spot reaction and later revision.

However, compared with conventional mental workers, sports photographers often have to carry heavy equipment, tripods, aerial cameras, multiple lenses plus no less than two fuselages. Together, they often have more than ten kilograms or even tens of kilograms. Working environment is changeable, they can enjoy the cool and comfortable air-conditioning room, but also can endure it. If you shoot a car rally or a marathon, you may have to face the test of life and death. The unique angle usually means the posture and position that ordinary people cant stand. For them, climbing up and down without talking, they lie down, kneel down, lie down, twist and twist. Sitting cross-legged, everything is to be able to shoot a large film for the sole purpose.

Therefore, in sports photographers, men account for the vast majority, and women are few. It is even rarer to accomplish achievements that men can hardly achieve as women. Hong Nanli is a female genius. In this profession, she persisted from 40 to 81 years old, leaving aside her works which recorded or shaped history, she can afford the word dedication just in this time span itself.

On the day before the Changzhou Station competition of China-Australia International Mens Basketball Competition in 2019, Hong Nanli also filmed a three-player basketball and a Chinese Super League. The next day, she arrived in Changzhou by train without stopping. The net weight of a Canon EOS-1Dx fuselage is 3.06 kg. The net weight of a Canon EF70-200 mmf/2.8 LISIIUSM lens is 2.98 kg. The total weight of the fuselage and lens is more than 6 kg. On the same day, 40 minutes of the competition, Hong Nanli almost used both hands to carry 40 minutes.

I hold my camera as far as I can, and I dont want to put it down. If I put it down, what happens to him when he suddenly comes up with a good thing? He gives good things without saying hello. Hong Nanli said, Sometimes I cant keep up with them and I have to concentrate on them. So when I get on the court, I dont talk to people or say hello to them, lest I miss the wonderful moment.

The invention of digital cameras has freed photographers from the fear of running out of ammunition and food. Hence, Hong Nanli can press the shutter to record everything on the sports ground she loves. In a golf game, she had to take as many as 2,000 pictures!

Years of heavy work eroded her body. Sometimes her arms ached so much that she could not lift anything. Sometimes her waist and feet hurt too much. Tiger Woods came to China, Hong Nanli even chased nine greens, each time in front of Woods. Now, she cant run as she did then. She cant catch up with the athletes who celebrated running after the goal. An old bone is rotten and loose, and its no longer a young opponent to grab a seat. I think its normal, but I quit doing it? Thats impossible. Hong Nanli said.

2017 Shanghai World Equestrian Championship, Hong Nanli and Guo Fucheng

However, her tips can only keep her in the photography industry threshold, but can not let her in endless emergencies in the whole body back. When people get old, they cant help falling, let alone 81-year-old Hong Nanli. In recent years, she was terrified by two falls.

Another time was in the Shenhua Football Association Cup in 2017, when a reporter accidentally knocked her down while grabbing a seat. I cant climb up. Theres a dark place where I cant see much. A fan asked,Teacher Hong, how are you on the ground? I said,If you dont say anything else, pull me up first. The first thing she did when she got up was not to care about herself, but to raise her camera and take pictures. Later, foreign aid Moreno came up and picked her up, setting her as a warm moment in the history of Chinese football - Moreno certainly did not know that a moment ago, the old lady he embraced had just experienced a moment of shock.

Treasure lady

Hong Nanlis camera witnessed Li Nans promotion from Xiao Li Fei Dao to head of the Chinese mens basketball team, Yao Mings growth from a young green onion to the head of the Chinese basketball team, and the handover of bowls between father and son in sports circles. She is already a miracle. But there are always things she cant overcome, such as years. After the age of 80, the registration of journalistscards for many sports competitions was no longer open to her. She laughed that it was the third retirement, but she wanted to continue filming.

After 41 years of experience as a photographer, she has accumulated a large number of digital photographs and films, not including those that she lost or could not get when she worked for the Shanghai Sports Commission. This is an important historical database of Chinese sports. More precious and special than historical materials is that she provides a model of continuous struggle and lifelong struggle for future generations.

It may not be difficult to stick to one thing for 41 years, but it is really difficult to keep childlike curiosity and the initiative of young people for 41 years, and to challenge the limits of mind and body. These, Hong Nan Litong has achieved, she is a record of history, but also the creator of history, many would have been neglected in her hands of the picture glowed with vitality and eternal vitality. However, the most difficult thing is to do all these things, still can not be complacent, do not sleep on the merit book, but to happy old lady self-esteem.

Hong Nanli, 81, feels that if these pictures were just lying in her computer and becoming her personal possession, they would be lifeless. She hopes to hand them over to the photographer as soon as possible: at Yao Mings retirement ceremony, she personally handed over the expanded classic photos of Yao Mings duel to him; For a long time, she carved Yi Jianlians photos into three CD-ROMs. Too Zhu Fangyu handed them to him. During the Changzhou Competition of China-Australia International Mens Basketball Team, Yi Jianlian thanked her. She also made an appointment with Banqi, a famous sentry, to contribute photos of referees to facilitate downloading and preservation. And a considerable part of these photos were taken by Hong Nanli after she changed her retirement pension into tickets, tickets and air tickets. Happy Old Lady apparently made a loss business, but she was still happy. Of course, if those who use her photos can pay a little contribution fee, that would be great, so that she can improve her old age with his wife, while Zheng Guizhis legs and feet are still flexible, accompany him around, I can accompany him for less time. She might also be able to add a better scanner to better organize the stack of films and store them in an electronic version. Source: Netease Sports Author: Zhao Huanyu Responsible Editor: Zhao Huanyu_NBJ10043

And a considerable part of these photos were taken by Hong Nanli after she changed her retirement pension into tickets, tickets and air tickets. Happy Old Lady apparently made a loss business, but she was still happy. Of course, if those who use her photos can pay a little contribution fee, that would be great, so that she can improve her old age with his wife, while Zheng Guizhis legs and feet are still flexible, accompany him around, I can accompany him for less time. She might also be able to add a better scanner to better organize the stack of films and store them in an electronic version.