You send self-portraits in the circle of friends, which may be put on pornographic websites by cheaters...

 You send self-portraits in the circle of friends, which may be put on pornographic websites by cheaters...

Be cautious about posting photos on the Internet. Suddenly glad: Fortunately, Im ugly. No one will steal my photos.

Is this really the case?


I said, I dont play QQ early, okay!

He said, Yesterday you sent out self-portraits, what kind of grandchildren do you pretend to be?

I am even more doubtful...

Then he sent me a QQ number, I boarded the QQ which had not been boarded for hundreds of years, added this QQ numbers good friend, immediately passed, nonsense, began to turn the space.

Once over, she just copied my circle of friends!

Its really what I send, and shes going to follow it up!

I sent one:

She also followed her hair:

Then turn down...

She followed her hair closely:

Yes, yes, she built an album full of photos stolen from me!

I sent out funny screenshots of the Big Bang of Life:

Then she followed her hair:

I really did. Did you see the big bang in life?

She also said:

Continue, I sent one:

Nor did she fall down:



I stole a lot of photos and many circles of friends, she did not understand the number with her on the wrong number of her are stolen... Whats more, its useless to report complaints, and I dont know who she is in my Wechat, so I cant shield her from it.


A group of_

Now, lets sit and wait for the repeater to hook up!

Get hooked! A kind of

Haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Now cant beat grass alarm snake, I decided to wait until tomorrow in the third group to narrow down the scope, repeater strange waiting to show the original shape bar! __________ A kind of


The second wave succeeded!

Group II_

Four groups_

Five groups_

Hairs circle of friends is what I carefully considered ha ha ha ha ha! With the breath of life and reality, there is also the unique style of Bensha sculpture.

Then, the repeater got hooked!

The good news is that there are a lot of people in the fourth group who came to Weixin for fitness last year. I dont want to add it, but Im embarrassed to refuse it, so the circle of friends is blocked for them:

All of a sudden, the enemys area was greatly reduced!!

After careful consideration, I locked the target on three people. I wont take a screenshot of which three people are the privacy issues. First, I wont move, then I will send three circles of friends separately, and then I will be able to pull out the repeater weirdness one at a time! ________


Well, I found it.

Cheng Ying is my deskmate in Senior One. She is not very good-looking and has a lonely personality. There are always boys bullying her in the class. They say she is one of the four ugly girls in grade. The girls in the class dont like her very much. But I always think shes okay. Because I didnt study well at that time, she always borrowed my homework to copy, so when someone said that. When I talked to her about some bad things about her, I always helped her talk, and I was a day student. She was a resident student. I had money for meals every day. She only had 50 yuan for meals a week. I always bought snacks to eat with her.

She told me about her family. Her grandfather was hemiplegic and owed a lot of money for treatment. Grandma worked in a hosiery factory. Her father died unexpectedly in her second year of junior middle school at the construction site. Then her familys expenses depended on her mothers income in the clothing store in the comprehensive market and her grandmothers January 1200 yuan.

In fact, by this time, I can basically be sure that it is Cheng Ying, because she was in the last group of the previous quintile, but I think it is impossible for her to be excluded directly. I am still unwilling, so I sent a circle of friends today. A kind of

After sending it out, I really spent my day in anxiety. Wait, wait, and finally. Real hammer. I really dont understand. So I went to ask her. A kind of

After that, I said a lot, I do not send out, the more angry, she deleted the photos, also sent a saying to apologize to me, I looked at her friend deleted, some things are not compensated for by apology, I never will be divided into three or six nine, but some people, you do not deserve to be friends with me.