Japanese probe Falcon 2 landed! Asteroid underground material will be collected

 Japanese probe Falcon 2 landed! Asteroid underground material will be collected

It is reported that this will be the second landing of Falcon 2 after February to collect material ejected from the ground to the surrounding area when the artificial crater was made in April. If successful, its main task in the Dragon Palace will be basically completed.

DATA FIGURE: Falcon 2 was launched from the Seed Island Cosmological Center in Kagoshima County in December 2014. After three and a half years, it circled the sun for about three weeks and arrived at the Dragon Palace in June 2018. The picture shows the launch of Falcon 2 in Kagoshima in 2014.

According to previous media reports, Japan Aerospace Research and Development Agency (JAXA) 10 let the probe Falcon 2 lower altitude, ready to land on the asteroid Dragon Palace. It is expected to reach the surface in the morning of November 11.

It is the first time in the world to collect materials located underground of asteroids. Underground rocks are believed to have not yet been weathered by solar wind, keeping asteroids in their original state, which is expected to help explore the origin of the solar system.

Falcon 2 from the usual stay over the Dragon Palace altitude of 20 kilometers, with a speed of about 40 centimeters per second. After arriving 5 kilometers above the sky on the night of 10 days, it slows down to about 10 centimeters per second and carefully approaches the surface.

It is reported that the probe is 250 million kilometers away from the earth, and the one-way communication from the ground takes 14 minutes. Because it may not be able to cope with emergencies, the autonomous mode of self-determination and action will be adopted before and after landing.

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541