Girls all over the world are learning to wear with them!

 Girls all over the world are learning to wear with them!

While the vast number of netizens collectively lamented that beautiful girls had come out, the word Star II seems to focus on the publics vision.

These Star 2nd Generation not only have online appearance, but also have their own unique style of private clothes! After watching their private clothes, theatre goblins have planted a whole grassland. Today, they should also give you Amway to see who will be your new favorite beans in dressing and fittings.


Ouyang Nana

Everyone must be very familiar with Nabi. Her family is also a well-known star artist in Taiwan. In particular, Nabis father, Ouyang Long, was Taiwans most popular young boy when he was young. He played Zeng Jing-man, the son of Zengs family in The Smoke Lock Rebuilding.

Nabi said that if she is not a performer or a star, she would like to be a stylist most. Indeed, her dress and outfit are inclined to adolescent girl style. It is a good reference for us ordinary people, with distinct characteristics and grounding air. It is right to buy with her.

For example, our most popular picking T-shirt in summer, Nabi chose black pencil pants and plush slippers to match, although it is the first-class wear, but every detail is harmonious, simple and elevated the fashion sense. (ps: Sweet and lovely duck with new hairstyle!)

Printed T-shirt with Jean straps, trousers and canvas shoes can be said to be a model of youthful vitality. Naby uses a red waistband to increase the brightness and richness of the whole shape. Even the mobile phone shell is the same color, which is undoubtedly the delicate fairy herself!

Base pure-color T-shirts always dont look fashionable? Xuenana uses color bags to make her look more interesting. Or she can make an article on her lower garment. Pearl jeans can balance the monotony of pure color, and her feet feel up when she steps on canvas shoes.

Too bright color body only needs one key point, black jeans and canvas shoes will never make mistakes, pill head with a few more popular hairpins this year, instantly solve the fluorescent color vulgar crisis, who wears who looks good.~

Shredded flower dress with stockings and cat heels, fashion and retro doubleget, beautiful like a girl coming out of an oil painting~

As a combination of the strongest genes on the surface of Asia, Kimura Kwang-hee has been born with a halo, as well as unparalleled topicality and nationality. Her parents, Takura Kimura and Shizuka Ito, were Japanese shrines when they were young.~

Two months ago, she also appeared on Chanels show as a model. Although people are not optimistic about her performance, but her 15-year-old future is still a long way to go, I believe that there will be greater progress in the future.

Koki, who likes simplicity, has a cool jacket with jeans and a clean sweetness. Holding a small CELINE bag makes the whole look fashionable and unique.

Bubble sleeve Jeans Dress girls feel up, want more matching summer breath a candy bag on the perfect get!

Lilyroses appearance combines all the advantages of her father, Johnny Depp, and her mother, Vanessa Paradis.~

Lilyrose, who is only 20 years old, has appeared in four movies, appeared on countless magazine covers, and has been mixed up in fashion circles. Lilys face is very discernible, and her eyes are often full of unrestrained beyond her age.

Oversize T-shirt with loose jeans and Martin boots, boyfriend power boom! The cute pattern on the T-shirt neutralizes the overall toughness and looks sweet and cool.

This years most popular bodysuit and cycling pants, Lily is also catching up with this fashion, simple look is also wearing her full score imperial sister.

Kkaiagerber comes from a supermodel family. His mother is one of the five legendary supermodels in the world, Candy Crawford.

Since childhood in the fashion circle, kaias taste in private clothes must be used to talk about, good figure is wayward, Kaia for all kinds of styles of clothing are hand-held, all properly hold.

In summer, girls have a pair of jeans and hot pants, which can be matched with vest and boots. Boots not only increase fashion sense, but also show leg length.