Envy Zheng Shuangthin? You didnt see what she was wearing!

 Envy Zheng Shuangthin? You didnt see what she was wearing!

Ma Tianyu and Zhengshuang return to campus in the play. The setting of green plum and bamboo horse really evokes the young and astringent memories of Yijie.~

Previously, in a road map of a variety of arts, Zheng Shuang casually tied up a pair of ponytails, the girls sense, instantly let sister Yi incarnate as lemon essence.

And in a recent group of airport street photographs, Shuangmei wears a bubble sleeve checked shirt with high-waist jeans and wide-legged pants, which makes people roar: How can she be so thin?!

Look closely at the bubble sleeve jacket on Shuang Mei Zi. Isnt this a skinny artifact this summer? You know, the famous effect of foam sleeves is: an optimized head-shoulder ratio, highlighting the perfect clavicle line, hiding worship meat, let you thin!

As an evergreen tree in fashion circle, bubble sleeves are also seen in Miu Miu 2020 early spring vacation series. Girls feel full bubble sleeve shirts, dresses, and sleeves are very modern.

No wonder now the actresses have a bubble sleeve in their private clothes. Who doesnt like the skinny artifact that the girls have their own style?

When Meng Meiqi participated in the variety show, he wore a goose yellow foam sleeve dress, and Brother Shanzhi, who could not do it, became sweet.~

However, the selection and matching of foam sleeves are also exquisite. I am afraid that the fairies who accidentally dress as rugby players will follow my sister to see how to wear them.

Honey and Sweet Dresses

In addition to pure color, printed dresses are more playful. The design of tightness and waist closure makes the chest and buttocks curved and concave and convex.

Tips: The foam sleeve skirt with V-collar will make people look more refreshing and decorate their face.

Salt, soda and water pants

Song Yanlin


As a versatile item, jeans are matched with vintage foam sleeves to set off the hearts of the whole girl without being too sweet.

Sweet-looking bubble sleeves are not all sweet girls, with overalls, Martin boots, instantly turned into a wild and energetic locomotive cool girl can also be, and high waist design allows you to have anti-heaven leg length!

VC Sugar and Sweet Half Skirt

Half-length hemi-saccharist skirts and sweet foam sleeves create a style between sweetness and coolness.

With a half-skirt, the bare legs are superior, while exuding a sense of intellectual beauty, which can be worn for both commuting and dating.

The flesh fairy of the arm does not care about 3721, bubble sleeves to arrange a wave, together to be a thin summer girl!