Zhong Chuxi, Song Qi and the same small sling are tickets for the right shoulder competition!

 Zhong Chuxi, Song Qi and the same small sling are tickets for the right shoulder competition!

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The contestant Yang Fang, who appeared on the streets of Milan a few days ago, not only grabbed a mirror with her new Banghai hairstyle, but also had to create a girl-like topic with this Plaid Dress and black Martin boots.

Liu Yifei, wearing a pink-purple suspension belt, completely lost the spirit of Magnolia, and was full of Fairy Spirit with the soft sprouting of twin twist braids. Although its an early photograph, this little sling seamlessly connects her old photos with fashion.

Fresh little flower Zhang Xueying is also a Sling Dress harvester recently, which is sweet and cool in style. The same is the sling skirt, different shoulder straps and neckline design interprets a completely different style.

A perfect shoulder condition for the small sling how much impact it has to see the comparison map will know, in the early years, Zhang Xinyuan was Tucao said cheat, actually temperament and temperament between a right shoulder.

But dont worry, if you choose the right style, even if you dont have famous right shoulders, you wont be able to get the qualifications for the small sling competition.

Summer preferred: thin shoulder straps

Lift the sling. You must have seen this slim shoulder strap blouse. Yes, this year there is a big wave of small shoulder straps on the road. Lisa, who punched around in Paris, wore a tight TOPSHOP daily attendance shirt to show her shoulders. Loose black trousers and Balenciaga old shoes were sexy and handsome.

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Zhong Chuxi won a lot with excellent shoulder and neck line, of course, will not let go of the wind of small sling with flat mouth. The straight neck line weakens the sexy of the sling, which is retro and sweet.

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By contrast, V collar can highlight her gentleness and small sexy, slightly radian neckline to Zhong Chuxi bring some gentle temperament.

Narrow shoulder, slippery shoulder. Look here: wide shoulder strap

Imperfect shoulder line can be completely covered! The design of the wide shoulder strap is the Savior of the shoulder-slipping planet. Song Qis black pants are simple and succinct. The classic wide suspension belt design is super thin. It can not only modify the imperfection of shoulder, but also cover the meat of back.

Song Yanlin and Song Qian wear the same way, they chose a cool and beautiful black. Although shoulder straps are not as large as Song Qians, they are more rigid than thin shoulder straps.

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Its OK to overlap by hand. Zhou Yutong used Alexander Wang vest to mix white vest, matched with sunshade cap and Pufan to prepare for summer.

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Three thousand and six hundred

Like Xiao Qis smaller sister, she can weaken the head-to-shoulder ratio with her shoulders.

Decorate the sling

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Asymmetric design can also divert some attention from the shoulder. Angellababy uses Adidas Originals single shoulder knitted T-shirt with a small sling, which can be worn in the original sling! Slim in silence.

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Small sling can also solve the problem of too thin. Song Zuers Alice + Olivia silver sequined skirt, collar fold design can increase the figure curve.

Zu Goose has many of these kinds of sling skirts. The lace design at the neck of the sling skirt not only reveals the clavicle lines, but also appears fuller and more charming than usual.

This kind of sling with careful design is specially designed for flat figure. Every day, the girl paper shouting How can we get fatter can bring several pieces to the wardrobe.

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