Taiwans active tanks and the same kind of Medang waste are thrown into the sea as reefs

 Taiwans active tanks and the same kind of Medang waste are thrown into the sea as reefs

Yonghu Tank Equipped by Taiwan Army

[Global Times reports special correspondent Li Qiang] Recently, the US high-volume arms sales to Taiwan have aroused widespread concern. However, the strongest U.S. military M1A2 main battle tank purchased by the Taiwanese Army was referred to as the monkey version of the reduced performance. In fact, this is good in the equipment purchased by the Taiwanese army. Many of the equipment that could be used as waste reclamation or targets elsewhere has become fragrant baboons in the Taiwanese army. Some of the original equipment design is inadequate, either incompatible with the local environment of the Taiwanese Army, or frequent failures, become a widow manufacturer.

Before the MA12 equipment, the main tanks of the Taiwanese Army were mainly M60 and M48 Button series tanks and the Yonghu main battle tanks, which were self-owned.

Among them, M48 medium-sized tank is a kind of medium-sized tank which was installed by the United States in 1953. It is the first generation tank of the United States Army after World War II. Its body and turret are cast. It is basically the same tank of the same era as the Soviet T-54/T-55. It was gradually replaced by M60 Barton, with a total production of about 11730.

The tank participated in the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Middle East War. Since 1973, the United States has sold about 300 M48A1 tanks left over from the battlefield in South Vietnam to Taiwan. These tanks were upgraded to the level of M48A3 in 1981, upgraded the fire control system, converted to diesel engines, and became the main tanks of the Taiwanese army.

M48H Yonghu tank (CM11) was developed by Taiwan Armored Combat Vehicle Development Center in 1984 with the help of General Dynamics Ground System Department. CM11 is a hybrid tank which combines M48A3 turret with M60A3 tank chassis and new M1 tank fire control system. The United States is called M48H, which means Hybrid. Many of the structural components were purchased from the U.S. Army tank cemetery. When developing CM11, Taiwan purchased 550 sets of fire control kits, but only 450 of them were produced. The remaining 100 sets of fire control kits were used to refit the existing M48A3 to become CM12 tanks.

In the Taiwanese Army, fragrant baboons are used as waste objects in the US Army. The ultimate destination of many M48 and M60 tanks is the sea. After handling the oil in the vehicle and sealing properly, they are put into the sea as artificial reefs. Because the attack performance and protection ability of M48 and M60 series main battle tanks have fallen behind in an all-round way, they can neither pierce the front armor of the other side nor defend the attack of the other side when facing the advanced three generations of main battle tanks. A kind of

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