Britains new carrier leaked another 200 tons of sea water into its crew and nearly drowned.

 Britains new carrier leaked another 200 tons of sea water into its crew and nearly drowned.

Aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth returning to port

Reported that the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier was scheduled to return later this week, but by Tuesday it had arrived at Portsmouths home port. The Royal Navy tried to dilute the leak, calling it a minor incident. However, according to sources on the carrier, the flood on the ship was serious and affected many cabins, but it did not pose a threat to the lives of the crew.

The report pointed out that the leakage may be caused by the rupture of the sprinkler system pipes inside the ship. Some sources said that the leakage caused damage to some bulkheads and hatches, and in some places the water reached waist-deep. Another source said: (British Navy) The official statement is that somelittle waterforced the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth to return to port, but in fact it was a very serious flood. Its not a trivial matter that eight cabins have been flooded, he said.

The Queen Elizabeth is sailing at sea

The Royal Navy confirmed on July 10 that the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier had another internal system leak as a precaution. The ship ended training at sea on July 9 and returned to Portsmouth Naval Base in advance. The report quoted a spokesman for the Royal Navy as saying: Due to some problems in the internal system, the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier returned to port early to remove some of the water on board.

The Royal Navy has strongly denied reports that the leak posed a drowning risk to the crew, insisting that the accident did not pose a threat to life. There are different opinions in the media about the British militarys statement that there is no threat to life. According to The Forces News, as many as 200 tons of sea water were poured into the ship after the Queen Elizabeths high-pressure pipeline burst, causing multiple decks to enter the water, and three sailors were at risk of drowning. A stairwell was damaged by a large amount of sea water, several bulkheads were crushed and deformed, and some deck parts were even torn.

The 65,000-ton Queen Elizabeth is the first of two newly built Queen-class aircraft carriers in Britain. It is also the new flagship of the Royal Navy and the symbol of British maritime power. The carrier, with its unique dual-island design, will be equipped with F-35B stealth fighter aircraft as carrier-based aircraft in the future, and the sister ship Prince of Wales will become the main battleship of the Royal Navy in the next 20 years, which is highly expected. But this is not the first time the carrier has leaked.


In December 2017, the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier had a problem with the seal of propeller transmission shaft during sea test. The rubber seal ring of one of the two propellers was not tightly sealed, resulting in seawater flowing into the ship with a leakage of 200 litres per hour. At that time, the carrier had just completed a solemn service ceremony.

In late January 2018, the carrier also leaked due to a fire system failure. At that time, because of the fire extinguishing software problems, a whole row of fire extinguishing sprinklers in the hangar continued to spray water. The hangar was like a water curtain hole. As a result, water poured into the cabin, and the British militarys original sea trial plan was delayed.

Source: Global Times Responsible Editor: Ding Xunwei_NBJS8671