The U.S. Army is going to do big things? Future rifles need to be replaced with 6.8mm ammunition

 The U.S. Army is going to do big things? Future rifles need to be replaced with 6.8mm ammunition

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Global Network Military Reporter Fan Chenyan reported July 10 on the US Defense Blog website that the US Armys Contracting Services Command is currently seeking industry-related information on the manufacture, inspection and delivery of future light 6.8mm ammunition in order to cooperate with the Armys future standard rifles. Use. This means that the United States plans to make an unprecedented adjustment in the caliber of its individual rifles.

Reported that the U.S. Armys Contracting Services Command has issued a draft proposal for contractors interested in equipment such as 6.8mm caliber bullets, projectile parts, test tools, etc. The purpose of the draft proposal is to find manufacturing standards, use standards and alternatives for such 6.8mm caliber bullets. The process and other parts, as well as the list of suppliers for testing, pave the way for the manufacture of this bullet. The U.S. Armys Contracting Services Command said the U.S. government expected to provide a contract for December to 15 months, and expected the number of bullets manufactured to be between 50,000 and 100,000. The U.S. government would provide drawings and other information on the body, components and testing tools of 6.8 mm bullets. These suppliers must provide their ability to process 6.8mm bullets.

The M4A1 rifle used by the U.S. Army is loaded with 5.56 mm caliber ammunition.

It is understood that if the U.S. Army changed the caliber of the bullet from 5.56 mm to 6.8 mm, it would provide the bullet with a longer range, higher precision, and also bring stronger armor-piercing capability. The 6.8mm caliber may become another new rifle caliber besides NATO 5.56 caliber, Russian 7.62 caliber and Chinese 5.8mm caliber in the future. The divergence of caliber not only makes it meaningless to seize ammunition separately on the battlefield, but also brings a series of problems from 5.56 caliber to 6.8 caliber. If the U.S. allies continue to use 5.56 caliber ammunition in the future, and the U.S. Army uses 6.8 mm caliber ammunition separately, it will increase the logistical pressure when fighting with allies.

The 95 rifle used in China uses 5.8 mm caliber ammunition.

Source: Global Times - Global Network Responsible Editor: Ding Xunwei_NBJS8671